Wikimedia Conference 2012/Documentation/Day 1/Paris-overview

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We all agreed about everything except on "who's fundraising".

WMF generally has no problem with chapters fundraising on their own outside of the WM project websites.

WMDE understands that it is not entitled to the money raised in Germany (+5M euro in 2011) through the project websites. Half of the money raised goes directly to the WMF and the movement and a portion of the rest also goes to the movement outside Germany.

Accountability is one of the most important issues regarding FR&FD.

Grants: how to involve the broader community to provide input on which projects/grants are good investments.

There is currently very little done to evaluate projects. For example, there have been many outreach events done by WMF in India, but we do not know how effective this has been (e.g., how many new Wikipedians?).

Current FR&FD: 4 chapters (DE, FR, UK, CH) get a portion of their budget from the annual fundraiser. Other chapters get money from WMF grants and other sources of income. WMF grants to chapters can be on a project-basis or an annual budget basis (for more developed chapters). Other non-chapter entities can also apply for WMF grants. WMF can also give participation grants so that Wikimedians can attend non-Wikimedia events.