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Wikimedia Argentina[edit]

  • Organised the first Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit.
  • Hired an Executive Officer.
  • They are helping the organisers of WikiWomenCamp to be held in Buenos Aires at the end of May 2012.6
  • Organizing WikiGénero, just after WWC, a series of workshops on gender gap issues with participation from external experts and open to both men and women
  • Working on institutional videos in Spanish
  • Expanding activities to cover provinces which weren't represented
  • Working with Nationall Museums commission
  • Organising WLM for the first time this year.
  • Ensuring broadcast of institutional videos on national television.

Wikimedia Österreich[edit]

  • Increase of members to 87
  • Increase of budget due to new grant system
  • More projects
  • Fundraising during the 2010/2011 Fundraiser
  • On the grant system now
  • Last year:
    • Photo project: bought professional photo equipment for loan e.g. to go to events and take pictures
    • Biologist meetings in nature, also using photo equipment
    • Photos of police (e.g. uniforms, cars, work scenes)
    • GLAM meeting historical section
    • WLM in cooperation with authority for monumets in Austria (federal authority)
  • A German-language conference called "WikiCon" in Austria in August 2012.

Wikimedia Australia[edit]

  • Presentation on Saturday

Wikimedia Bangladesh[edit]

  • Bangladesh is new chapter: got WMF approval 3 oct 2011
  • 9 board members, secretatry, pres, treasurer, etc.
  • Local registration in progress - needed corrections in articles of association.
  • Plan is to do outreach programs about Wikipedia. Bangladesh: most people don't know about Wikipedia, let alone Wikimedia.
  • .3 weeks ago, arranged conference in Chittagong (2nd largest city in Bangladesh) with 300 participants.
    • University colleges participated.
  • Want to form local teams. Bangladesh ahs about 21 pulic and 3x private universities. Want to arrange local workshops.
  • Want to hire billboards
  • Arranging WLM this year.

Wikimedia Brasil[edit]

  • WMBR is not an official chapter at the moment
  • Hosting Football world cup. ;-]
  • Principles aligned with WMF principles.
  • Volunteers need to align as well
  • Legal association is not the whole chapter.
  • University courses with Wikiversity

<ping> - didn't finish!

Wikimedia Canada[edit]

  • Finally approved as chapter in 2011
  • Canada has highers per capita WP usage in the world.
  • Big distances: executive members live 5Mm apart!
  • Presentations in Montreal (e.g. Wikipedia takes Montreal)
  • tie in with Leonard Cohen?
  • So many people came out despite hurricane and took pictures.
  • Going to work with insectarium.
  • Put botanical and entomological collections on line
  • going to have Wikipedian in residence in Toronto Museum
  • Wikilivres -- in CA, copyright is life + 50 years - get this stuff on to WP


  • Working with First Nations, etc.

Wikimedia Switzerland[edit]

  • A multicultural chapter (German, French, Italian & other languages);
    • Challenge for WM CH. 22% of population is out of Switzerland.
    • Official language of WM CH is English!
    • Have to translate projects
  • 2011Projects:
    • Valdensia: collaboration with the Biliothèque contonale et universitaire de Lausanne.
    • Involvement of elderly (TAO)
    • Support for Wikix - Offline WP
    • Glam cooperation
    • WLM
  • 2012 projects
    • Collaboration wit hUniv. (digitalization of herbarium, sponsoring of a scientific confere, lesson about wi
    • TAO
    • Share Knowledge
  • 2012 challenges
    • connect with OSM etc.
    • New website
    • Rasing people?
    • Local outreach

Wikimedia Chile[edit]

  • Recognized by WMF on 13 June 2011
  • Founded as NPO under Chile law on Jul 16 2011
  • Very bureaucratic process. Still awaiting approval from govt.
  • Cooperating with iberocoop
  • Participating at I Wikimedia Ibero-american summit
    • Going to host the II summit on June 1-3 2012 in Santiago de Chile!
  • EducaRed with Fundación Telefónica
  • Will do WLM this year, and is helping their neighbours!
  • Common voice:
    • Translation of press releases to Spanish and Portuguese
    • Joint position on Global South -- and please don't use the word anymore because you're killing the kittens.
  • Outreach: presentation at FLISOL (free software fair) and universities
  • Indigenous languages: mapudungun and wikipedia
  • 1st Glam-wiki summit in LatAm


  • GLAM aggreements with Museum of Memory and human rights
  • Willling to have Wikipedian-in-Residence in South America.
  • WLM 2012
  • Mapudungun Wikipedia project (local language)

Wikimedia Česká republika[edit]

  • Founded 2008
  • General assembly on 17 Mar 2012
  • They had a CC-licenced concert as a part of their Wikipedia 10 event
  • WIlling to do Wiki Loves Monuments this year!
  • 3rd Wikiconference in Prague
  • Mediagrant
    • Protected natural areas
    • Photos of Czech Monuments (9800 in 3 years!)
    • Other projects, e.g. Jewish monuments
    • A great memory game! t3h OARSUM!
    • And brought 100 copies here!
  • Presentation and Outreach grant

P Prizes for the development of Czech Wikipedia Problems:

  • Few people to manage projects, leads to burnout...
  • No office

Wikimedia DC[edit]

  • Relatively new chapter.
  • Willing to learn from the other chapters :-))
  • Incorporated in 2011
  • LibraryLab: MLK library in DC: covers hackathons etc., OSM editathons. Special thanks to aude for all her hard work with Wikimedia DC, Library Lab, Edit-a-Thons, etc!

[personal names shall not be mentioned…]

    • Well --- Sxxxx Sxxxxx username is her real name, that's just privacy paranoia... Correct. Sarah Stierch doesn't mind her name mentioned when describing her work. But it doesn't really matter, for this level of summary, anyway. //Tomasz
  • Working with GLAM
  • ExtravaSCANzas (scanning old photos, making puplic)
  • Editing with the blind
    • first class was about 2 weeks ago.
    • Using JAWS, a screen reader.
    • Book about DC just before riots.
    • Ignite DC: to excite local people in DC. Many of the will come to Wikimania
    • Embassy outreach.
    • in partnership with Tech@State, a program of the US Department of State (cf. Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign office, etc.)

Wikimedia Deutschland[edit]

  • 8 years old,
  • budget of 3.3m €
  • 1300 members
  • 30 staff +10 in WIkidata

10 board

  • >2000 press stories


  • Community project budget: 200k € - community based projects
  • Economic plan developed with chapter members
  • Book: Alles über Wikipedia (All about Wikipedia)
  • World heritage

Wikipedia trifft Altertum (WIkipedia meets antiquity) - Meeting with professors for scientific conference.

  • Community support: access to literature, jourals equpmeint …
  • Wissenswert: supporting free knowledge
  • Conferences, e.g. hachathon
  • Tech dev and suport
  • Outreach, e.g. to schools

Wikimedia Danmark[edit]

  • 20-ish members
  • WLM last year - went OK, wanted to cooperat with natl heritage board, didn't work, maybe next year.
  • Odense City Museums hired a person to do some writing. Instead of doing exhibition website, do it on WIkipedia?
  • Collaboration with Danish regions: uploading environmental dictionary to Wiktionary; now wikifying
  • Will have Wikipedian in residence at Danish National Museum starting this week.
  • Wikiwednesday: first Wednesday of the month.

Wikimedia Eesti[edit]

  • New chapter.
  • Covering smallest area of any chapter.
  • Population of Estonia only 1 million.
  • Cover about 65% of Estonian active members!
  • No money, no problem!
  • Doing many projects - budget about 3k€
  • Active on Facebook and on Meta and a Wordpress blog?
  • WLM: second biggest photo competition in Estonia
  • Estonian Sciece photo work?
  • Nature photo collection Cost €5!
  • Science photo cost negative amount!
  • Tartu university had Wikipedia coure last year
  • 11 courses where students had to write articles.
  • Active against SOPA and ACTA
  • Estonian Tax office wasn't going to give tax deduction, but they gave up on being taken to court.
  • Will have all kinds of collaborative projects.

Wikimedia España[edit]

  • (Last minute change of rep. oops and connection problem)
  • All their activities are on Meta and mailing lists…
  • Most interesting thing was WLM.
    • across 17 countries
    • Obtained 18k photographs of Spanish Monuments!!!
    • Many regional councils in Spain.
  • 2nd time at ChapConf
  • Not yet 1 year old.
  • Worked with some Universities, e.g. Castillion, Slamanca (sp?) Did workshops
  • Cooperated with ES and PT chapters.
  • Coordinating with members is challenge: very decentralized.
    • Despite this WikiAfrica and WLM was great successs.
    • press contacts were big, including info on SOPA & PIPA
    • Campus Party - one of the biggest labour parties in the world.

10 min break[edit]

  • Coffee, food , German buns

Barry Newstead[edit]

  • Introduced two consultants from Bridgespan -- here to gather inputs from attendees about funds dissemination and grantmaking. Please talk to Libbie and Laura!

Christophe Henner[edit]

  • Presenting the Paris financial meeting of February 2012
  • Soon ready, giving the microphone to people in the audience