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The following applications to host the Wikimedia Conference 2015 have been made:

For more information about the process, see Talk:Future of the Wikimedia Conference.

Questions about these bids are welcome on the Talk page, where they will be answered by the bidders.

Application 1: WMCH[edit]

Wikimedia CH
Team (at least three people)
Charles Andrès International affairs; Anh Chung, Administration; Manuel Schneider, event manager
Primary contact person
Charles Andrès

Experience in organising conferences with 100+ participants[edit]

Which and how many conferences did you organise before?

Wikimedia CH has hosted the Wikimedia Hackathon 2014 (160 participants). Manuel Schneider has been involved in the organization of many wikimedia events.

Adequate support by either staff or volunteers to secure the logistics[edit]

Please indicate how you intend to realise the logistics.

Our staff team is available to take care of the project management and logistics. They are responsible for coordinating all issues regarding the venue, catering, service providers and assisting the participants in travel arrangement and visa application.

“Visa-friendliness” of the country[edit]

Please provide a link to the English website of your country’s visa conditions. If you have previous experience in securing visas for attendees, what was it like?


Distance to the nearest international airport[edit]

Please provide the distance in kilometres and ground travel time.

Bahnhof Zürich Flughafen 01.jpg

IATA Code ZRH. Map

Directly under the entrance hall is the train station located. Take any train on platform 3 or 4 - they are all south-bound, bringing you to the main station of Zürich (1st or 3rd stop, depending on train type).

Rough estimate of travel costs for _all_ participants (given that each organisation sends two delegates)[edit]

For the estimate use the chapters listed at Wikimedia Chapters, and the lowest prices on for the first April weekend. While many organisations will likely pay for their own costs, we would like to have a rough estimate of the total cost to the movement.

Estimated flight costs:

incl. VAT
Wikimedia Chapters from Europe 300 - 700 250 - 580 320 - 750
Wikimedia Chapters from South America 2'500 - 5'000 2'100 - 4'200 2'650 - 5'300
Wikimedia Chapters from Asia 2'000 - 4'000 1'700 - 3'400 2'200 - 4'400
Wikimedia Chapters from North America 1'500 - 2'500 1'300 - 2'100 1'600 - 2'650
Wikimedia Chapters from Africa 1'000 - 1'500 850 - 1'300 1'100 - 1'600

Those estimated cost vary because of the distance.

Rough estimate of accommodation costs for _all_ participants (given that each organisation sends two delegates)[edit]

Please give the estimated price of 80 hostel beds, and 50 mid range hotel beds for four nights (incl. breakfast and WiFi).

Estimated accommodation costs: CHF 20'000 (VAT included)

Rough estimate of the total venue costs[edit]

Please give a rough budget for rent, catering, technical equipment, wifi and social events.

Estimated venue costs for 200 participants: CHF 45'788 (VAT included) (37'942 EUR / 48'538 USD)

Venue 7'308 6'056 7'747
Catering 32'980 27'328 34'961
Equipment & WiFi 2'500 2'072 2'650
Social events 1'000 829 1'060
Facilitators 2'000 1'657 2'120