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18. Sharing approaches on GLAM partnerships[edit]


Astrid Carlsen (Wikimedia Norge), Daria Cybulska (Wikimedia UK), Rachmat Wahidi (Wikimedia Indonesia), Galder Gonzalez (Basque Wikimedians User Group)

Length (min)


Audience / Target group

everyone, particularly Wikimedians who start working with GLAM institutions

Session Format

Every speaker has 10 min presentation, followed by 5 min Q&A.


Among participants of the Wikimedia Conference 2018, there is a strong wish to learn more about partnerships with GLAM institutions.

4 speakers showing and explaining their approach, starting with the broadest and ending with 1-2 very specific ones. Every speaker has 3 template slides, filled with they have learned, what are the challenges/limitations of their approach, what the movement could learn from it.

Desired Outcome

Inspiration & more Wikimedians look for partnerships outside with GLAM institutions


Astrid Carlsen (WMNO)

  • Partnership with National Archive
  • Went well, a good example of collaboration with Wikimedia Armenia.
  • Political considerations had to be negotiated.
  • Happy partnerships are when everyone feels they’ve gained something they couldn’t achieve alone.

Rachmat Wahidi (WMID)

  • Partnership with WMNL to transcribe letters in nlwikisource.
  • Challenging to convince organisation to scan and upload
  • Working with multiple orgs helped make the project results more usable

Q&A: What kind of scanner were you using? - 1000 pixel scanner. The DIY scanner was donated to the museum.

Daria Cybulska (WMUK)

  • National Library of Scotland
  • What does sustainability mean? A lasting change in terms of what people saw the libraries’ purpose as.
  • Being aware of the level of digital skills is key so expectations are realistic

How do you sell this to an organisation? - Convince them it makes their job easier. e.g if they made things available on an open license it frees up staff from that for other activities.