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50: How to grow an editing community? 4 different approaches from Wikimedia organizations[edit]


Verena Lindner (WMDE), Àlex Hinojo (Amical Wikimedia), Nebojša Ratković (Wikimedia Serbia), Dana Dekel (Wikimedia Israel)

Length (min)


Audience / Target group

Wikimedians who try to grow their communities

Session format

Every speaker has 10 min presentation, followed by 5 min Q&A.


Among participants of the Wikimedia Conference 2018, there is a strong wish to learn different approaches of growing a Wikimedia community.

4 speakers will show and explain their approach. Every speaker has 3 template slides, filled with they have learned, what are the challenges/limitations of their approach, what the movement could learn from it.

Desired Outcome

More Wikimedians try diverse approaches to growing their communities.

  • Verena Lindner, Wikimedia Deutschland
    WMDE uses ‘Advertising’ for contributing; Banner campaigns on Wikipedia; Invite readers to register; Testing of several learning and help tools after registration.
    Tips: Increasing registrations: Online campaigns make a difference; Onboarding new editors: Becoming a contributor is difficult. New editors need as much context related help as possible.
  • Àlex Hinojo, Amical Wikimedia
    Used Librarians editing Wikipedia; Librarians teaching Wikipedia; Libraries as our territorial network; Promoting #1lib1ref campaign; Creating #bibliowikis community
    Tips: Adding a Wiki-layer to already existing networks, communities and projects helps growing interest. If someone wants to do A, let’s do A...on wiki; Only self-sustainable can scale. Put efforts at the beginning and follow ups, but be clear about “it’s their own thing”.
  • Nebojša Ratković, Wikimedia Serbia
    Networking with youth throughout Serbia
    Tips: “Be there for them”; Increase motivation by giving significance.
  • Dana Dekel, Wikimedia Israel
    Did: Created education tutorials adapted to target groups: Consumer friendly; Reached out and collaborated with Hebrew and Arabic schools- “Students write Wikipedia” As well as with Gifted high school students program
    Tips: Creating a supporting system for new beginners; Creating the right tutorials according to the focus group such as: animated and interactive software, video clips, comics about what reliable information etc.

See more in the slides.