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Wikimedia Czech Republic/Project: Scientific and Special Photograph

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This is a draft of the project called Scientific and Special Photograph (in Czech language Vědecká a odborná fotografie) to the Wikimedia Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to collect scientific and special photographs, illustrations, gif animations, videos and other files together with rich information data. There will be two major groups of activities for the working group. To prepare a professional approach towards the holders of the files (i.e. select wanted files, prepare the procedure for calling authors (insitutions) of the files (+related data) and also, the way of crediting them). The group will also prepare a special page for credits on the Wikimedia Czech Republic website and templates for Wikimedia Commons. In practice participants will be requesting copyright holders of these files, to release their files under Creative Commons/Public Domain licenses. Then these files will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The procedures will be available on the pages of this project also for other interested people.

The other part of the project will be focused on special files. Participants of the project will be visiting closed factories and institutions such as chemical factories, power plants, breweries, glass factories, mines, sewage water plant treatments and so on within the Czech Republic to take there pictures and videos together with information for WMF projects.

Actually we are looking for people who would like to help us or list down wanted files. For more information, you can contact project supervisor Juan de Vojníkov via his talk page or send him an e-mail at juandevojnikov at gmail.com.

People willing to help[edit]

If you are willing to help, write down your name and also in short how you can help. Note that the project is basically done by the Czech participants.

Wanted files[edit]

List here links, to wanted files or describe them below.