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December 2021

Educational programs[edit]

2021-12-08: When Seniors Write Wikipedia Online[edit]

We have been teaching seniors how to write Wikipedia for many years, and our proven method has always been regular face-to-face meetings, mostly in the computer rooms of Czech libraries. The coronavirus pandemic brought about a forced transition to the online environment and concerns about how participants would cope. Is it possible to teach seniors remotely? And how did the participants in this year’s online courses fare compared to before the pandemic? Read more on our blog!


2021-12-13: Advent senior gathering[edit]

On December 13, 2021, we met with participants and trainers of our educational program Seniors Write Wikipedia. As is customary this year, everything was conducted online. This time it was not about teaching, but about ending the year together (a successful one, from the perspective of the senior program). The main space was devoted to sharing nice wiki and non-wiki experiences with each other. We looked at the year 2021 in numbers and the outlook for 2022 was dropped.


2021-12-12: This year's last meeting with trainers of our educational programmes[edit]

We try to meet with our edu programme trainers at least twice a year so that we can share news, pass on information and learn teaching skills together. This year we were only able to meet online, however, we met even more often. In addition to the larger meeting in March, we held five other smaller updates throughout the year. And at the end of the year, on December 12, 2021, we followed up again with a larger meeting. We had a good turnout of 11 people. We summarized the successful year, learned about the new developments in both the WMCZ and Wikipedia, and the New Editor Experiences project, and mused about the future shape of the WikiClubs and "Wikiporadna", as well as the course of the next year. We thank all the trainers for their work for our chapter and for Wikipedia, and look forward to future activities!


2021-12-20: How to write (about history) on Wikipedia: We visited again the Gymnasium of Prof. Jan Patočka[edit]

Last year we joined the Velvet at Schools project, offering an educational programme for schools on writing (history) on Wikipedia. The pilot school for us was the Gymnasium of Prof. Jan Patočka in Prague, where we returned again this year on 20 December, this time not online, but "live". The students of the 3rd year were able to experience Wikipedia up close during the seminar, to see how articles are created, how texts evolve over time and what it means in terms of media literacy.


2021-12-22: New blogpost: Almost 80-year-old wikipedian František returns to his childhood dream thanks to Wikipedia[edit]

What does the Senior Writing Wikipedia course look like through the eyes of its graduates? We asked one of them what he enjoys about Wikipedia and what he thinks Wikipedia gives to seniors. His answers may surprise you. Read the full article on our blog (Czech only).