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January 2022

Programs for community[edit]

2022-01-03: Have you stopped by at Wikiclub or the online Wikiadvisory? Looking for Wikipedian mentors[edit]

A safety net for aspiring Wikipedians, a place to meet people who share an interest in Wikipedia, a way to pass on the experience. You'll find it all at Wikiclub or the online Wikiadvisory. Come and find out more about it in a new blogpost (English only).

Foto: Members of Wikimedia Czech Republic involved in the preparation of the (then Wikipedia Club at the Prague Municipal Library, Aktron, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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2022-01-17: Join the Describe a Monument competition! Now you can also write about Slovak monuments[edit]

On 15 January, an editing competition focused on cultural monuments started. Until the end of February you can compete for valuable prizes. All you have to do is enrich the Czech Wikipedia with new articles on cultural heritage! That is, choose a cultural monument from the list, write an article about it and registerit. The jury will then judge the article. Whoever gets the most points wins. Wikipedia is missing thousands of monuments that definitely deserve their own articles. Let's do them justice.

Koláž, autoři: Aktron, Pudelek, Pavel Kinšt, Stanislav Ferzik, Klára Scholleová, Dmitry Makeev (CC BY-SA 4.0) zdroje: Kostel Nalezení svatého kříže a klášterní zahrady v Litomyšli (by Pudelek).JPG Kostel sv. Víta v Libědicích.jpg Červený Kostelec (Rothkosteletz) - church of Saint James.JPG Pisek hotel Otava2 03122006.JPG, fotky via Wikimedia Commons


2022-01-19: The January opening of Czech Wiki Photo, slam poetry and debate were successful despite unexpected twists and turns[edit]

Wikimedia Czech Republic celebrated the New Year in a big way - with a cultural event at the Prague Scout Institute. Although due to the unexpected illness of the main stars of the evening everything was a bit different than planned, the event was a success. We are grateful for a wonderful entry into 2022. More in blogpost (Czech only).


2022-01-13: Annual evaluation of the GLAM project for the year 2021[edit]

For more than a year we have been working on the international GLAM project. It helps cultural institutions to share new knowledge and research on collections, books and archival materials with the world. In this blog post, we take you on a tour through what has happened at GLAM over the year and what we dream for 2022.



2022-01-07: 13 Jan. Czech Wiki Photo exhibiton opening, slam poetry for Wikipedia and debate on free licenses[edit]

Come to the Scout Institute on Old Town Square in Prague on 13 January 2022 for the first event of its kind. The opening of the best photos from the Czech Wiki Photo 2020 and 2021 contest will be accompanied by a debate on free licenses and slam poetry for Wikipedia (also available online). The evening will be hosted by wikipedian and slammer Anatol Svahilec and will be in Czech language.

Foto: Vít Švajcr, Dobré svě, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons