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If you would like to be a member of and support Wikimedia Danmark you can join us. The membership fee is at the moment DKK 100,- (Your payment will make you a member until June 30 2012).

The process of joining Wikimedia Danmark

  1. Write an e-mail to the treasurer Thomas Bredøl with this information: (Only the info with a * is mandatory)
    • Name*
    • Address*
    • Zipcode and city*
    • Country* (if not Denmark)
    • E-mail*
    • Telephone. (Always nice to have several means of communication with the members).
    • Birth year (Will be relevant when we seek contribution from the state).
    • Wiki username (Will never be linked to your real name without your explicit consent).
  2. Pay/transfer the member fee (DKK 100,-) to account 2105 6882-699-089 in Nordea. (Remember to give your name or e-mail as a note on the payment/transfer).
    • The IBAN no.: DK6120006882699089 and SWIFT no.: NDEADKKK
  3. You will get a e-mail when your payment has gone through with your member number.