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Where are we coming from and where do we want to go?

In the last decade, various values statements and guiding principles have provided guidance to Wikimedia Deutschland as an organization. In these statements one finds references to partnership, transparency, openness, free knowledge and many other ideas. The people in our organization and our communities live out many of these principles every day in their work and in their commitment to a shared vision. In the last few years, some important, new principles and strategies were created: as a movement, we now have a shared Strategic Direction and Movement Principles. For Wikimedia Deutschland, this means we need to reflect upon our organizational values, taking into account these new principles. To do exactly that, we are currently organizing a dialogue on organizational values (running until May 2022).

In this dialogue we would like to create a framework of values for WMDE as an organization - a framework that codifies the central values for the organization. This framework should reflect our organization’s identity. It should support the Board of Directors and employees in making strategic decisions and in tackling difficult questions. It should help us in communicating to the outside world what’s important to our organization. These values come into play when, for example, we work with political actors or make decisions about the conditions under which we will accept financial support -- or when we wish to inspire others with our core messages about the issues we consider most important.

In this dialogue on organizational values, we will not be starting from scratch; rather we will be building on the abundance of material that already exists. Many meetings, proceedings and workshops of recent years have yielded important fundamentals for this process. And so we have conceived this values dialogue as a relatively lightweight process, which should enable us to offer the Board a formal recommendation for WMDE’s framework of values in March of 2022.

In collaboration with such stakeholders as WMDE members, the Board, WMDE employees and various Wikimedia communities, an artifact should emerge from this process that takes into account not only the values that our organization has lived out for years but also the most recent developments in our movement strategy.

Process design

The dialogue on organizational values is organized and managed by a team of Wikimedia Deutschland employees. The process aims to incorporate perspectives from active members, the WMDE Board, WMDE employees as well as people from various Wikimedia Communities that are connected to WMDE.

Step 1 Synthesis - October 2021

In the first step of the synthesis process, a group of editors (composed of WMDE employees) reviewed a collection of materials relating to organizational values. Based on these materials, they composed a first draft of organizational values for WMDE.

Step 2 First feedback round - November/December 2021

In several workshops the first draft of organizational values was discussed and expanded. The goal here was to highlight different perspectives on possible values and document these well. In this first feedback round, we focused on inviting active WMDE members, the WMDE Board, and WMDE employees into the discussion.

Step 3 Synthesis - January 2022

The group of editors reviewed the results of the workshops and adapted the draft of WMDE values based on this feedback.

Step 4 Second feedback round - February 2022.

A second draft of WMDE values will be published on-wiki with the goal of soliciting further feedback and engaging in discussion with community members. A German version of the draft is published in the German language Wikipedia and an English version on this meta page.

ステップ5 統合 - 2022年3月

The editorial group will incorporate the feedback it received into the draft values recommendation and create a final revision.

Step 6 Decision - April/May 2022

The Board of Directors makes a decision on the WMDE values framework and will present this framework to the Members Assembly. This framework will be binding chiefly for the Board and employees.

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We, the project team managing the dialogue on organizational values, would like to invite you to discuss the draft of a new values framework for Wikimedia Deutschland with us. We warmly welcome your feedback and suggestions!

If you would like to contribute in English:


  • On-wiki discussion: We will publish the German draft of WMDE organizational values on this project page in the Wikipedia of German language. Feel free to join the discussion there!
  • Community Forum on Tuesday, February 15 2022: We are organizing a virtual Community Forum, where you can also provide us with your feedback on the draft and discuss your feedback with others. You can find more information for this event on the project page of the Community Forum (German only).


At this stage of the values dialogue, the following people are part of the project team: