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Wikimedia Endowment/Meetings/January 17, 2018

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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Approve Minutes from June meeting
  3. Discussion of Wikimedia Endowment structure and governance
  4. Board Recruitment, Roles and Committees
  5. Update on Finances, Fundraising and Events
  6. Next Meeting – June 2018: Anticipated Topics
  7. Open Discussion


Location: Wikimedia Foundation Office, San Francisco

San Francisco Attendees: Endowment Advisory Board Members: Annette Campbell-White, Peter Baldwin, Niels Christian Nielsen, and Michael Kim Wikimedia Foundation Staff: Lisa Gruwell, Kaitlin Thaney, Marc Brent, Guillaume Paumier, and Eileen Hershenov External Attendees: Rosemary E. Fei and Shea Loewen, Adler & Colvin

Remote London Attendee: Endowment Advisory Board Member: Jimmy Wales

Summary of Action Items:

1. Approved minutes from June 2017 meeting. Voting in Favor: Jimmy Wales, Michael Kim, Niels Christian Nielsen, Annette Campbell-White and Peter Baldwin. Voting Against: None

2. Wikimedia Endowment Governance Presentation Outcomes (* to be reviewed & vetted by Governance Committee)

  1. Decision to seek Public charity status
  2. 501(c)(3) filed in California vs. Delaware Exploration
  3. 3 year board terms, no term limits
  4. Expand number of board by 5-11 members
  5. 2 ex-officio members; Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales & Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director

3. Board Recruitment & Roles

  1. Board Roles
  2. Champion the cause & governance
  3. Future Board Members
  4. Criteria for next member: Bay Area, diversity, knowledge of developing world (referred to last meeting’s board directive)

4. Board Committee Assignments

  1. Finance Committee: Annette Campbell-White & Michael Kim
  2. Governance Committee: Jimmy Wales, Peter Baldwin, Niels Christian Nielsen
  3. Fundraising Committee: All board members

5. Finances, Fundraising & Events Update:

  1. Kaitlin Thaney presented a Fundraising update to the Board; asked for participation with introductions, cultivation, and solicitations. Sign up to assist with 5 names from prospect list & 5 new names to add to the list.

Goal: Close $4M by June 30, 2018 via individual meetings & small events

6. Next Board Meeting Agenda Discussion

  1. Deep Dive into Operationalizing 501(c)(3)

(minutes approved July 11, 2018)