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This is a page where we draft and discuss criteria for selecting the legal seat of a "Wikimedia Europe" hub. Locations discussed are suggestions that came up during conversations and not an exclusive list of candidates.

List of criteria[edit]

Technical Criteria[edit]

  • Team needs Certain activities benefit from physical presence in specific locations.
  • Accessibility
  • Environmental
  • Cost of hiring
  • Availability and cost of office space
  • Talent pool

Legal & Tax Criteria[edit]

  • Possibility to certify donations
  • Possibility of forwarding funds to other EU countries
  • Possibility to forward funds to USA and non EU countries
  • Possibility to register an internationally acting non-profit organization
  • Employment law possibility and employment
  • Conformity of employment and non profit legal environment
  • Political stability/Civil Society Protections

Movement Criteria[edit]

  • Community networking opportunities
  • Movement considerations This should include geographic balance and neutral governance.
  • Future plans How does the location fit activities that might be taken up in future?

List of potential locations[edit]

This list was compiled during the meeting on 18 February. Locations that were nominated by one participant and seconded by another were included.

  • Brussels
  • Prague
  • Vienna
  • Utrecht


9 Feb Working group finalises criteria
18 Feb Working group gathers location nominations from workshop participants
19 Mar Working group assesses locations according to criteria in a chart.
25 Mar Working groups meet to discuss criteria and make selection.


Decision made on 25.03.2022 with Brussels as legal seat and AGMs in Prague.