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This fellowship is intended for a community member interested in helping gauge the efficacy of the Feedback Dashboard, the new live feedback/help feature currently implemented on English and Dutch Wikipedias. Deliverables might include:

  • Daily qualitative analysis of feedback and responses, to discover the kinds of problems most frequently encountered by newbies (technical, social, etc.) and the efficacy of the responders in addressing those problems
  • Daily/weekly quantitative analysis of new users who have left feedback, to gauge whether receiving responses to feedback has an impact on retention
  • Working with and recruiting new members into the WP:RESPONSE task force on English Wikipedia
  • Talking to other language communities and sister projects about localizing and implementing the Feedback Dashboard on other Wikimedia projects, forming task forces and recruiting more volunteers to become responders

Along with delivering daily and weekly Feedback Dashboard statistics, the success of the fellowship will be measured by the ability of the fellow to expand the number of active responders in all the projects where the feature is implemented, and to increase the number and timeliness/effectiveness of responses to feedback.


The Moodbar/Feedback Dashboard is one of the WMF features projects specifically targeting the issue of new editor retention. Quickly assessing the impact of the tool on editor retention will provide insight into whether more resources should be allocated to this or to other features projects. However, the project needs a dedicated community lead to take charge not only of monitoring the daily stats, but of expanding and catalyzing the pool of responders, so they can be maximally effective at helping new users who provide feedback.

Submitted by[edit]

Maryana Pinchuk


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