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Wikimedia Fellowships/Project Ideas/NARA DOCUMERICA photographs color correction

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The NARA upload of 31,875 DOCUMERICA photographs needs color correction. These photographs provide a baseline set of images linked with geographical locations in the United States in the 1970s.

However, these images are not suitable for lead images in most articles in their current form, as the color has faded with time.

Targeted - addresses strategic theme(s) or goals
Ask: How does the project fit with WMF goals and current fellowship program theme(s)?
-- WMF goals: Improves quality of Wikipedia -- Fellowship goals: Makes Wikipedia look better-- this helps attract people!

Actionable - has concrete deliverables and outcomes
Ask: What will the project drivers do, how will they do it, and what will change as a result?
-- What: Develop pilot project for image color correction -- How: [expert input needed here]. Might look at the "Old Weather" site for example of a collaborative approach. -- What will change: Improved appearance of Wikipedia, with open-source 20th c. US photos

Impactful - can have impact on a large group of people, articles, projects
Ask: Does it serve the many or the few?
-- Serves: Anyone looking for US related materials -- Also serves: Extends impact and outreach for residents of traditionally underserved rural areas, as many are covered in this photo collection

Sustainable - builds volunteer-driven continuity over time
Ask: After the fellowship is over, how could the initiative continue?
-- Providing an online color-correction tool for old color photos, perhaps? Possibly in a collaborative website like "Old Weather"? Or, alternatively, provides a way to spec out what needs to be contracted to paid professionals in the way of photo archiving and preservation, set priorities, and work out GLAM institutional collaborations? -- Providing an automated workflow for NARA for future image improvement? -- Providing outreach opportunities in new geographical locations?

Scalable - has the potential to transfer knowledge or approaches to multiple languages or projects
Ask: How can the project model solutions to generate movement-wide value?
-- Develop method of upgrading appearance of old photos from other parts of the world and from other collections -- Developing batch edit techniques and workflows

Measurable - can demonstrate impact
Ask: How will we know if the outcome is successful?
-- By use of photos in articles -- By sample before and after galleries -- By clearly defining the options and methods for future large-scale photo color upgrades

Idea submitted by[edit]

This project proposal needs attention from those more familiar with photography; I am submitting it to draw attention to a much-needed upgrade in content quality.

Why? Well, when I added a DOCUMERICA photo to Middlefield, OH on the English Wikipedia, I realized that the poor photo quality might actually discourage tourists from going out to take a look at Amish country with its horse-drawn transport. Wondered if my old neighbors out there would feel bad that we couldn't provide a better picture. We need pretty things to attract editors, and this particular collection isn't just about the environment-- it looks like the definitive, open-source collection of home-town photos of the 1970s.

Please feel free to edit and modify this proposal if you are interested in trying it!

Prospective fellows[edit]

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