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YOUR IDEA GOES HERE. The TOK - Tree of knowledge idea consists in a "knowledge social network" (see or The basic concept of this idea is that human knowledge develops as the person grows and has new experience during life. For instance, as a student attends exams at Univeristy, as his knowledge develops. When the Student starts to work his knowledge improves and theory learned at school connects to real life. This experiences changes furtherly the person ability and creates new ideas. This path brings to knowledge innovation and to specialization. The aim of the TOK is to bring persons to map this ideas develpment and share it with other people, in order to constantly improve ideas through constant confront. The social network work as a tree, the user fills its personal competence profile and then start to make the tree grows with new branches and leafs new ideas and developing them over time. Users interaction can be direct or indirect. User can interact directly with another user as they are in connection (rules about this connection has to be defined)or also as other social network there can be "followers".


YOUR RATIONALE GOES HERE. The aim of TOK is to change the approach of ideas development and spread. Many people think that their ideas are good, but not want to share them because they are afraid that someone might steel it. Meantime, many of them have not enough money or right contacts to invest concretely in their ideas. Thus, what will happen? Many good ideas remain in the drawer locked. Economic growth theory states that growth increases as innovation develops What if all the innovative ideas locked in many drawers be shared, maybe some will be improved, some may found funding with more probability and maybe this will also contributes to increase the innovation rate in the long run.

Targeted - addresses strategic theme(s) or goals
Ask: How does the project fit with WMF goals and current fellowship program theme(s)? This project will allow making Wikipedia a more interactive source. This project has the potential to make Wikipedia also a support for knowledge innovation and knowledge diffusion

Impactful - can have impact on a large group of people, articles, projects
Ask: Does it serve the many or the few? Hope many.

Sustainable - builds volunteer-driven continuity over time
Ask: After the fellowship is over, how could the initiative continue? I hope that to this network will take part all Universities and Research Association, This will help to attract users which will be used to make their three of knowledge grow along time

Scalable - has the potential to transfer knowledge or approaches to multiple languages or projects
Ask: How can the project model solutions to generate movement-wide value? On the financial side, the user interface might be integrated with payable addons such as cloud space, chat etc etc.. Agreements with international databank can be done in order to allow user to download research papers and books. Also a crowfunding platform could be integrated and the revenues can be invested in the network funding

Measurable - can demonstrate impact
Ask: How will we know if the outcome is successful? Wikipedia will have its social network

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