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Less nominations for deletion of contributions by (in)experienced users including those who write via IP adress. Use at least the Welcome template and offer (more) support.


Targeted - less people leave and more people will write if they feel respect and get help

Actionable - Many people tend to trust newbies less and believe they know everything better than others
This is the reason they revert practically instantly possible valuable additions of others especially if they don't know them.

Impactful - New people make mistakes, because they are not familiar with interface, software and policy
Affects practically everybody. When you see something new from somebody new make her or him feel welcome and respected. More chance they will stay longer and add or change more.

Sustainable - Absolutely
Many projects have templates to help them with guidelines, references to FAQ, "do's & don'ts" etc. Please use tem eventually automatically with a bot as is effective at Commons yet.

Scalable - Not just the Wikipedia projects, but sister projects like Wikisource, Wikinews and others. You name it and take advantage
Copy and adapt the existing templates like e.g. template Hola on Dutch Wikipedia and the aforementioned example at Commons.

Measurable - The statistics will show the effects I guess

Submitted by[edit]

ZeaForUs 15:13, 29 December 2011 (UTC)


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  • As I'm the last arrived, and I've been taught that's not wise to talk too much when you are a newcomer but, as somebody from the upper levels asked me if I "would help the Community Fellowship Program evaluate project ideas by reviewing open projects?", now, therefore, I'll say just that I very much agree with the purpose to settle down conflicts. I'm Italian and I've seen a lot of disputes leading to leave, especially between new users. So it's important to be gentle and helpfull with people at their first experiences. Trying to help them instead of punish them with a harsh deletion. Hope this modest opinion and any kind of further help that I could provide could be used to keep the ball of this conversations rolling smoothly. Ciao--Giorgio27002 (talk) 22:39, 27 February 2012 (UTC)