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List of project ideas Wikimedia Fellowship Project Idea

YOUR IDEA GOES HERE. Replace this with with a few sentences describing the project idea. Note that this document does not need to be a fully-fleshed project plan or proposal at this stage, but should include the basic outline of the idea.


YOUR RATIONALE GOES HERE. Replace this with a few sentences describing why the project is necessary, great, and a good fit for support from the WMF Community Fellowship Program. In your rationale, you might consider some of the following characteristics and criteria of the ideal fellowship project:

Targeted - addresses strategic theme(s) or goals
Ask: How does the project fit with WMF goals and current fellowship program theme(s)?

Actionable - has concrete deliverables and outcomes
Ask: What will the project drivers do, how will they do it, and what will change as a result?

Impactful - can have impact on a large group of people, articles, projects
Ask: Does it serve the many or the few?

Sustainable - builds volunteer-driven continuity over time
Ask: After the fellowship is over, how could the initiative continue?

Scalable - has the potential to transfer knowledge or approaches to multiple languages or projects
Ask: How can the project model solutions to generate movement-wide value?

Measurable - can demonstrate impact
Ask: How will we know if the outcome is successful?

Idea submitted by[edit]

YOUR NAME GOES HERE. Replace this with yourself and anyone else collaborating with you on this idea. If you would like to be considered for a fellowship to undertake this project yourself, you should also add your name to the "Prospective fellows" section below. Please note that WMF staff matches fellows to projects based on fit between skills, interests, strategic priorities, and other internal factors. While we cannot guarantee that you will be matched to enact your idea, if your project idea is chosen you will be given public credit.

Prospective fellows[edit]

Would you like to be considered for a fellowship to work on this project?

If you'd like to take an active role in this project, either alone or in a team of fellows with complementary skills, please add your name below. Note that in order to be considered for a fellowship, you must also submit an application to the program.

  1. Your name here!


This section is for endorsements by people in the Wikimedia community. This is not a debate, vote, or poll, but it is a space for community members to describe in detail why they think a project idea is of value. Questions or concerns should go on the talk page. Endorsements by volunteers willing to work in collaboration with a fellowship recipient on a project are highly encouraged.