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[[the free & collaborative net training

to explore & share knowledge drawn from experience and graduate learners for achievements Wikimedia_Fellowships/Process#Open_project_ideas|List of Project Ideas]]

'WikExperience Open University
- WOU - 

Wikimedia Fellowship Project Idea

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WikExperience Open University (WOU) is a free & collaborative net training to explore & share knowledge drawn from experience and graduate learners for achievements


WikExperience : why and what ?

Knowledge is implemented in every day situations of life or work by individuals and groups in a living process. We call experience's knowledge both this process and the results of these implements. Experience's knowledge is both different and largest that theoretic knowledge (in french : « connaissance »). As a symphony : not only that is written on the paper, but the whole effects produced by musicians and technicians in particular situation. Experience's knowledge mixes many kinds of knowledge : inherited from the past and from the others, formal and academic knowledge, non-formal and informal knowledge, singular and cultural, incorporated and mental knowledge, technical and scientific, etc. This mixed knowledge is a living process in every situation.

Experience's knowledge groves with social and global developments and gets more and more cultures mixing. It have to be recognized and shared, and needs new international training and ways to graduate groups or individuals. Wikexperience is a free Net program which the great goal is to test news ways to share this mixed knowledge and to graduate learners for achievements in experience's knowledge courses.

Who ?

WikExperience allows every one or groups to :

  • explore his own experience as a simple user
  • work as a social collaborative expert to explore others people's experience
  • have a thorough training and be graduate for achievements.

How ?

WikExperience is an Open Internet Portal. Tools and technical s are elaborated by all, in collaborative way. Open source theoretical points of view, especially in Wikimedia's projects, throw light and help this research, as cognitive sciences, intercultural and language sciences, etc.

WikExperience's fellowship and academics ones will elaborate specifications to recognize and graduate training course for every body or group. This point needs Wikimedia Foundation has a partnership with academics authorities.

WikExperience triple Ethics

  • search for and test news approachs and technical ways for new sorts of knowledge and training
  • always keep attention to individuals problems or questions
  • include continually deliberate process optimization/improvement.

Is WikExperience a good project for Wikimedia Foundation ?

The goals of Wikimedia Foundation is to share knowledge that are without conflicts of points of view. WikExperience is a symmetric of Wikimedia Foundation's goal : not to allow « opinions », but to develop investigation and sharing living process knowledge that are created by actors in reals situations – these actors should be scientific with great fame or ordinary people, workers, engineers or cookers, etc. Experience's knowledge is not a lot of opinions but kind of knowledge implemented in action by complex process to be analyze and share.

The Wikimedia's motto could become : Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge and contribute to produce new knowledge. That's our commitment.

WikExperience should help Wikimedia world expansion, in these ways :

  • it allows to better understand in what way different languages and cultures contribute to model knowledge of every one by more and more mixing cultural foundations.
  • WikExperience can help translations of languages by sharing implements within every one mix own and cultural foundations in his own experience ;
  • it can study the experience of Wikimedia's partners and users – individuals or groups -, in writing articles or in using projects with their own special interests and styles ;
  • it can give information's on the emergent needs, because experience's knowledge often anticipate formal and academic knowledge.

WikExperience can be a symmetric and complementary project for Wikimedia's projects, helping Wikimedia growth and sharing as WikExperience want to share all kinds of knowledge implemented in reals situations by every one. This increase can be an exponential process of development by making new circulations between academic and others kinds of knowledge.

WikExperience can be a part of Wikiversity.

In any way, WikExperience can be an experimental project for Wikimedia's users, because WikExperience requires using knowledge as Wikimedia's projects offer and because, today, people needs use and produce new action's knowledge.

See a draft of WikExperience'items in first page.

WOU Welcome on WikExperience Open University,

the free & collaborative social expert and net training to explore & share knowledge drawn from experience and graduate learners for achievements  !! SUBSCRIBE AS: - user - actor - visitor

Number of registred : - users - actors - visitors

Main page

contents Help etc. ||  EXPLORE I want - or we want (a group) : to explore my (our) own experience in a limited subject explore my (our) whole experience (of life, of group's creation, of longtime project, etc.)  CONTRIBUTE TO EXPLORE others's individuals or group experience  CONTRIBUTE TO MAKE TOOLS  BUILD MY COURSE  HAVE A TRAINING || TOOLS to explore experience Tools to use Reflective tools

general DISCOVER the process (description)

USE the process (how ?)|| SMALL TEST in 5 mn


by fields (professional, personal, love, children, informatics, learning, etc.)

by key-words || EXEMPLES of knowledge experience investigation



How to introduce yourself or the group ?

general NEWS ON EXPERIENCE Texte de la cellule
general individual help groupal help



Submitted by[edit]

Marie-Antoine Rieu

I would like to be considered for a fellowship to undertake this project. I ask for collaborations in wikimedia-france list, but my project was considered as out of its goals. I submitt to Wikimedia Foundation for building a fellowship and test this idea. I can submitt a whole project with strategic plan if Wikimedia Foundation is interested.


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