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Wikimedia Fellowships/Project Ideas/Wikilive

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'Lets get the world go live'[edit]
  • Live channel page for every topic in Wikipedia
  • Allow experts to schedule and broadcast a live webcast on Wikipedia to showcase experiments, share knowledge, clarify questions
  • Recorded live webcast to be archived under the topic for future reference


Strategic Fit[edit]

  • Increase Participation - Professors/scientists/enthusiasts would be attracted to be involved in WIKILIVE to showcase their experiments, share knowledge, teach and engage the community
  • Exponentially increase the depth on every topic - Increased involvement and interaction will improve the quality and depth of every topic
  • Retention - WikLive will be able to attract and retain new volunteers as the encyclopedia will include a new medium of knowledge sharing
  • Collaboration - Wikilive will follow the wikipedia philosophy for collaboration and content generation - We provide platform and let the people to collaborate


  • Output of the project
     - Every topic to have a LIVE page associated to it
     - Interested volunteers will be able to schedule and broadcast a livecast for a topic [by using simple webcam and mic]
     - Audience of the livecast will be able to interact with the presenter using a chat tool available on the livecast page
     - Audience will be able to interact within themselves during the livecast using a chat tool that will be made available
     - Once the live cast is over the video will be automatically archived and available in the live page archive section
     - Design documents will be made available to maintain and enhance the project


This idea has the potential to reach a variety of audiences

     - Experts and all others out of experts subset - interacting, collaborating and learning
     - Interactive platform for specially-abled audience [Mute/Deaf/Blind/others]
     - Archive can be used for future references


The project will be 100% volunteer driven due to the following reasons

     - Documents will be maintained so that volunteers can maintain [for any bugs] and enhance the project if necessary
     - Content is generated purely by the volunteers
     - Stringent processes will be followed for better maintainability of the WIKILIVE project


Highly scalable

      - Volunteers from all region, languages and ability will be able to contrubute
      - This project will increase the depth for every topic due to the Q&A model platform


      - Youtube live, googleplus hangout, Facebook airtime are few projects in market that are banking on live cast concept
      - Youtube live is a hit offering new business options and interactive platform for entertainment and education
      - Wikimedia already having the content should be able to take the "wiki encyclopedia" experience to the next level using             
        live casts
      - Number of hits per video/livecast will be the key factor to measure the outcome of the project

Submitted by[edit]

      - Vishnusaran Murugesan (ATLASVishnu)
      - Education: MS in Software Engineering from BITS, Pilani
      - Experience: 9 years in IT [working in London as a Senior Project manager for reputed banking clients in EMEA region]
      - Wikimedia experience: New to Wikipedia as a contributor but highly passionate about wikimedia 
      - Knowledge: Expert knowledge in web technologies, product development, user experience & project management
      - Project Management qualification: PRINCE2 Practitioner certified and PMI Member


This section is for endorsements by Wikimedia community volunteers. Please note that this is not a debate, vote, or poll, but is rather a space for volunteers to describe in detail why they think a project idea is of value. If you have concerns or questions rather than an endorsement to make, please use the idea Talk page. Endorsements by volunteers willing to work in collaboration with a fellowship recipient on a project are highly encouraged.