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Governance and Chapters[edit]

Board of Trustees[edit]

Ting Chen, Chair
Jimmy Wales, Founder
Jan-Bart de Vreede, Vice-chair
Phoebe Ayers, Executive Secretary
Stu West, Treasurer
Bishakha Datta
Matt Halprin
Samuel Klein
Arne Klempert
Kat Walsh

Advisory Board[edit]

Angela Beesley
Ward Cunningham
Florence Devouard
Melissa Hagemann
Mimi Ito
Mitch Kapor
Veronique Kessler
Neeru Khosla
Teemu Leinonen
Nhlanhla Mabaso
Rebecca MacKinnon
Wayne Mackintosh
Benjamin Mako Hill
Roger McNamee
Domas Mituzas
Trevor Neilson
Craig Newmark
Achal Prabhala
Clay Shirky
Michael Snow
Jing Wang
Jessamyn West
Ethan Zuckerman

Executive Director[edit]

Sue Gardner

Wikimedia chapters[edit]

During 2010–11, Wikimedia’s network of volunteer-driven international chapters grew from 30 to 35. Wikimedia’s chapters, which are independent from the Wikimedia Foundation, are made up of local members and directors, and in some cases employees. They focus on region-specific work. Typically, that work includes building awareness of Wikimedia projects, handling media inquiries, staging public outreach events, and forming partnerships with local educational and cultural organizations.

Chapters as of November 2011

AR Wikimedia Argentina
AT Wikimedia Österreich (Austria)
AU Wikimedia Australia
BD Wikimedia Bangladesh
CA Wikimedia Canada
CH Wikimedia CH (Switzerland)
CL Wikimedia Chile
CZ Wikimedia Česká republika (Czech Republic)
DE Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany)
DK Wikimedia Danmark (Denmark)
EE Wikimedia Eesti (Estonia)
ES Wikimedia España (Spain)
FI Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)
FR Wikimédia France
GB Wikimedia UK (United Kingdom)
HK 香港維基媒體協會 (Hong Kong)
HU Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary)
ID Wikimedia Indonesia
IL ويكيمديا اسرأييل, ויקימדיה-ישראל (Israel)
IN Wikimedia India
IT Wikimedia Italia (Italy)
MK Викимедија Македонија (Macedonia)
MO Wikimedia Macau
MX Wikimedia México
NL Wikimedia Nederland (Netherlands)
NO Wikimedia Norge (Norway)
PH Wikimedia Philippines
PL Wikimedia Polska (Poland)
PT Wikimedia Portugal
RS Викимедија Србије (Serbia)
RU Викимедиа РУ (Russia)
SE Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden)
TW 中華民國維基媒體協會 (Taiwan)
UA Вікімедіа Україна (Ukraine)
US DC Wikimedia District of Columbia
US NYC Wikimedia New York City
VE Wikimedia Venezuela
ZA Wikimedia South Africa


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