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다양성, 형평성 및 포용성 커뮤니케이션 연구

The Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department is conducting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) communications research to examine the level of trust and understanding that people have in our projects and work, so we can better contemplate how internet users think of, identify with, and support our mission worldwide.

Gathering this data is vital to better understanding the gaps that need to be filled, and how to best support the important work already underway to address them.

Equity begins with knowledge. To treat everyone equitably, rather than equally or the same, requires a deep understanding of the unique contexts, experiences, and backgrounds from where they come, as well as the structures and systems that benefit them or not. That is why who creates and shapes our knowledge is so important.


The following reports represents Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department's explorations into diversity, equity, and inclusion communications research.

Findings from Brazil (PDF)
Research conducted in 2021
Findings from Japan
Research under development
Findings from Nigeria (PDF)
Research conducted in 2022
Findings from South Africa (PDF)
Research conducted in 2021
Findings from the United States (PDF)
Research conducted in 2021