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Wikimedia Foundation/Communications/Resource center/Capacity building/10 things you can do to improve your communications

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Presentation slides for "10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Communications" at Wikimedia Conference 2016

1. Conduct a communications audit

  • Review goals for past year
  • Assess press coverage and impact
    • Assess media channels
  • Assess marketing efforts and impact
  • Identify common narratives or questions
  • Opportunity to identify focus areas for upcoming year

2. Develop a communications plan

  • Timeline
  • Channels
  • Audience
  • Smart goals
  • Evaluation
  • Team

3. Focus on building relationships with 2-4 specific media outlets

  • Identify media outlets
  • Identify your primary message
  • Reach out appropriately and consistently
  • Request to meet with editorial board
  • Discuss your planned "big news" events in advance

4. Explore new communications channels (Be bold!)

  • Review social media
    • Which are most popular in your area?
  • Consider media outlets not previously contacted
    • There is more than TV and newspapers
    • Education focused magazines
    • Technology blogs
    • Radio stations
    • Podcasts

5. Utilize movement-wide resources


6. Build communications resources that will be frequently used


7. Organize a communications team

  • Helpful to spread the work
  • Empowered group that can respond to media inquiries
  • Clarity on who is "managing" social media channels
  • Contact people for Wikimedia Foundation Communications Team
  • Helpful to have a group email mailing list

8. Collect stories for future use

  • Collection to pull from for media inquiry
  • Written
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Graphics
  • Audio

9. Talk to your audience

  • No need to be a mind reader!
  • Begin dialogue on:
    • What they want communicated
    • Where they want it communicated
    • When they want it communicated
  • Begin to collect stories
    • "What does Wikipedia mean to you?"
    • "Why do you edit?"

10. Talk to your colleagues!