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Communications Resource Center

Sharing knowledge on Wikimedia communications — Please add!

Presentation slides for "Building a Communications Strategy" at Wikimedia Conference 2016


  • Each area of the world is different
  • Contact Wikimedia Foundation Communications team for regional help
  • There are ways to do communications as a volunteer group

Why have a communications strategy or plan?

  • Prioritize "core" vs. "strategic" communications work
  • Better prepared to handle "surprises"
    • Clarity on roles and process
  • Opportunity to learn and improve
    • Takes abstract concept of "communications" and makes it more measurable

What topics are covered in a communications strategy or plan?

  • Timeline
  • Channels
  • Audience
  • Smart goals
  • Evaluation
  • Team (but individual capacities too)


Things to include:

  • Wikimedia events
  • Outside events
    • Global events
  • Organization development
  • Product / program announcements
  • Planned issues

Communications audit

  • Review goals for past year
  • Assess press coverage and impact
    • Assess media channels
  • Assess marketing efforts and impact
  • Identify common narratives or questions
  • Opportunity to identify focus areas for upcoming year

Developing resources

  • Press kit
  • Web page for press releases
  • Blog
    • Clear objective
    • Audience
    • Timely
    • Outreach
    • Support disseminating
  • Social media presence
  • Press release template
  • Communications team mailing list

Movement resources and networking