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Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2017-2018/Final/Cross Programs

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About the Foundation's cross-department programs[edit]

In response to the FDC recommendation in 2016, we have created cross-department programs. These are the major initiatives of the Foundation, and they include goals from multiple departments. We have or will be disclosing detailed budgets for each of these, showing the multi-team departments – Community Engagement, Advancement, Technology and Product – sub-department or team budget detail.

Each program includes a description, program goals, and SMART objectives. In some cases, additional milestones/targets are also included.

The Foundation's programs do not directly produce impact in the metrics used for other organizations, namely the metrics of participants, newly registered, and content pages. When it does, it is through its support of individuals, groups, and organizations that develop the activities allowing the tracking of these metrics. The evolution in grants metrics in the past few years makes it difficult to consolidate results across the whole movement into those three metrics. Thus, the Foundation is using "grantee-defined metrics," focusing on measurable objectives and milestones/targets as its own specific metrics. These will be monitored on a quarterly basis and reported via a mid-year report to show programmatic progress.