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About Talent and Culture

The Talent and Culture team acts as a partner with the organization and organizational leadership to develop an inclusive culture, increase leadership capacities and provide personnel administration in service of the ongoing support and maturation of the Foundation.

The three pillars we offer are recruiting, human resources, and learning and development. We find and hire a diverse group of talented professionals as new staff, interns and contractors who support our community and Wikimedia projects. We manage the full staff lifecycle – onboarding, performance management, compensation changes, life events, wellness and off-boarding processes. In our learning and development capacity we facilitate the development of managers and leaders capable of handling the complexity of our operating environment, ensure that staff are able to develop in way that is consistent with the Foundation mission and goals as well as maintain an organization in which people thrive.

Non-Program 1: Inclusion & Diversity

As an organization focused on global projects, diversity and inclusion is critical not just for our projects, but also for staff. Although there is strong overall diversity, WMF still has challenges in some departments. FY16-17 has focused on putting diversity and inclusion programs and data in place.

Team: T&C, staff volunteer Diversity Alliance, staff volunteer ERGs (employee resource groups), Communications

Time frame: 12 months


Extend inclusion & diversity programs, create a “brand” for it, share externally.

  • Ongoing support and creation of internal inclusion & diversity.
  • Ongoing Recruiting programs to ensure diverse candidate pools.
  • Ongoing hiring manager training on inclusion & diversity.
  • Quarterly review of staff and candidate diversity data.
  • With Communications, publicly describe our interest in inclusion & diversity.


  • Milestone 1: FQ1- ERG & Alliance event support, Recruiting best practices, FQ4 data review
  • Milestone 2: FQ2- Update external hiring page, publicly share EEO data, FQ1 data review
  • Milestone 3: FQ3- Continued stories on staff, FQ2 data review
  • Milestone 4: FQ4- Manager training, FQ3 data review

Non-Program 2: Leadership Development

We need to grow leaders at all levels of the organization. We need to train a new generation of problem solvers.

Team: T&C, Hiring Managers, C-Levels

Time frame: 12 months


  • Develop current and future leaders
  • Establish a shared understanding of expectations at all levels of leadership: extend the leadership framework to directors and managers
  • Integrate leadership framework and accountabilities into performance reviews
  • Train leaders in succession planning
  • Deliver Wikilead, our leadership development program, to a new cohort
  • Deliver one module of Wikilead for C-levels


  • Milestone 1: FQ1- Roll out leadership framework
  • Milestone 2: FQ2- Next generation of ongoing manager training launched
  • Milestone 3: FQ3- Train managers in succession planning
  • Milestone 4: FQ4- Completed Wikilead cohort

Non-Program 3: Values

We need to integrate our values into the employee lifecycle and how we work day-to-day.

Team: T&C, all staff

Time frame: 12 months


  • Create a culture where we live and act within our values.
  • Integrate values into recruiting, cultural orientation, performance reviews, managing, promotions, and cause for letting someone go.


  • Milestone 1: FQ1 - Values added to hiring process
  • Milestone 2: FQ2 - Cultural orientation and performance
  • Milestone 3: FQ3 - Values added to terminations process