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Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report 2009-10/How do we get there?

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How do we get there?


During the past two years, the Foundation developed its first-ever strategic plan. More than 1,000 volunteers from all over the world collaborated in a transparent process that resulted in priorities to guide us through 2015.

Stabilize infrastructure


We operate the fifth most popular web property world-wide, and we need to ensure our operating infrastructure matches our global impact. We will continue to expand our community of hundreds of thousands of donors, work to safeguard our business operations globally, and build a permanent data center to reduce downtime and mitigate risks of catastrophic failure.

Jimmy Wales at Wikimania 2009

Increase participation


Wikipedia's "boom years" of participation are behind us. Now we face the challenge presented by a slowly decreasing number of editors. To gain new editors, we must adapt our editing technology to the changing web, improve the social experience of new users, and grow participation in the Global South by catalyzing on-the-ground work by the community.

Improve quality


Wikipedia has succeeded largely because of the breadth and depth of its content. But many gaps remain, and the quality of entries is inconsistent. Our first priority is to ensure that we give readers better information about article quality, by developing better assessment and labeling tools. We will also help increase the movement’s capacity to develop new and lasting partnerships with cultural and educational institutions.

Increase reach


Today, Wikimedia's sites reach roughly a third of all Internet users around the world. The majority of humanity is now coming online using mobile phones. We need to improve our platform to serve audiences on all devices well. We will also optimize site performance globally, and explore solutions to disseminate content to people with no or intermittent connectivity.

Encourage innovation


The wiki was invented in 1995. At that time, using it collaboratively to create an encyclopedia was a social innovation. Through our history, our community has been the source of most technical and social innovation, and this is where the next “big idea” will come from. We will create an environment that offers volunteers social space and technical resources to innovate, experiment and learn.

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