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Wikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard/November 2017 - Statement endorsing future resourcing and direction of the organization/arz

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At our most recent Board meeting on the 18th of November, the Wikimedia Foundation Board focused much of our discussion on the needs and goals of the Wikimedia 2030 movement strategy process. We carefully considered the next steps we as a movement, and the Wikimedia Foundation in particular, need to take to build for our future.

The Board is committed to ensuring the vision outlined in the Wikimedia 2030 process becomes a reality. To support this direction and the future of the Wikimedia movement, it is our belief that the Wikimedia Foundation must expand its resources through healthy, sustainable practices. To this end, we want to give a clear mandate for the Wikimedia Foundation to invest the resources necessary to support the growth and evolution required for the next chapter of Wikimedia’s future.

احنا بنوصى المؤسسه بشكل خصوصى:

  • Increase investment in Foundation staffing and other means of support for the movement direction, sufficiently resourcing product, technology, and community health commitments in particular;
  • Support and engage with individuals, groups, and organizations especially within the Wikimedia movement to further develop their capacities, including the specific needs of emerging communities;
  • Support the fundraising team in raising additional funds beyond what is called for in the annual plan to prepare us for future growth;
  • Increase revenue as needed to support investment and growth;
  • Explore alternative revenue streams for the Foundation and movement; and
  • Undertake any capacity expansion in a healthy and sustainable way that anticipates current and future needs.

Based on anticipated need and past performance, we envision an annual budgetary growth rate of 10–20% over the next several years.

The Board takes seriously its responsibility to the Foundation and by extension, to the global Wikimedia movement. We believe this mandate will better ensure we can realize the future we all have outlined as part of Wikimedia 2030. We are committed to ensuring the sustainable growth and success of our movement, and the Wikimedia Foundation’s role in supporting its future.