Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Transition Team/2013/Minutes Monthly Meeting 3rd of July

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Progress Update[edit]

Sue recapped the progress thus far: so far, we are meeting deliverables and timeline. Since the last meeting, we've all been able to review the process proposal created by m/Oppenheim and nobody has flagged any problems with it. The recruiters have begun publicizing the role and reaching out to various connectors and potential candidates, as well as receiving applications from self-nominators. The list of people they have connected with and are planning to connect with has been shared with the Transition Team. Geoff and Gayle, with the support of an external legal firm, have begun building a briefing document on compensation that lays out parameters and considerations for determining comp and benefits for the next ED, that adhere to relevant law and Wikimedia Foundation's standards and practices. Gayle and Sue have begun fleshing out the complete, comprehensive job description for the position.


Jan-Bart recapped what's been happening on the meta pages. There hasn't been much activity on those pages but we think that's fine: really we are just publishing information there, not asking for input. A few people have reached out privately to TT members thanking them for the transparency of the process.

Process Proposal[edit]

TT did a final review of the process proposal from Lisa. The proposal can be refined later if we feel the need to, but we agreed that we are happy with it for now. Agreed to publish the process proposal on meta so that it's public and visible to everyone. First though, we will add timing estimations as well as a caveat that the timeline may slip.

Update Search Firm[edit]

Sue and Gayle recapped their meeting with m/Oppenheim of the previous week. At the meeting, m/Oppenheim walked Sue and Gayle through the list of people they have reached out to, to date, as well as those who have self-identified as interested in the position. This included about 25 candidates with whom they have spoken verbally, as well as several hundred others (a mix of candidates, connectors and applicants) with whom they have not yet spoken. Sue and Gayle are both happy with the progress m/Oppenheim have made to date. The list of people is about the size we'd expect at this point, and represents a wide range of people, some quite interesting. The pool includes people from a wide array of backgrounds, including all the organizations we would expect (e..g, free and open source software orgs, big internet companies, technology-related non-profits, internationally-active non-profits, and so forth).

Meeting Schedule & Other Timing[edit]

Sue reminded the TT that it will not be formally meeting in August due to Wikimania. It will formally meet next on 4 September. That will be a special four-hour meeting which will kick off stage 2: the screening phase of the process. At the meeting, m/Oppenheim will present a shortlist of candidates who it recommends move forward to the interviewing stage, as well as a midlist. The purpose of the meeting will be to confirm the shortlist. That will mean we will review the midlist and shortlist, and either confirm the m/Oppenheim recommendation as-is, or revise the shortlist (adding/removing people) and then confirm the revised version. From there, we will move forward to scheduling Round 1 interviews. TT agreed that the community should be invited on meta to propose possible questions or areas of inquiry for the Round 1 interview stage.

Kat, Jan-Bart and Alice confirmed availability for Round 1 interviews during the week of 7 October. Jan-Bart stated a preference for Thursday/Friday/Saturday interviews with Wednesday also scheduled if necessary. Jan-Bart and Alice will book their travel to San Francisco closer to the meeting date.