Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019/Global advocacy

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Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019

This priority outlines our strategy over the next three to five years to build our collective capacity as global advocates, in order to become an independent and influential voice that can help the world around us to accommodate, protect, and invest in free knowledge.

Building on the popularity of our projects, the strength of our brand, and the passion of the international movement we support, we will shape and drive global conversations around the future of free knowledge. Rapid shifts in social attitudes towards the open internet, the responsibility and accountability of online platforms, and the value of knowledge — be it works of authorship or personal data — have increased the urgency of this priority.


1. Create a free knowledge policy agenda.

Priorities supported: Global Advocacy, Brand Awareness, Thriving Movement

  • Create one narrative that goes beyond articulating how we defend the Foundation from over-regulation to proactively and positively describing the ideal community, regulatory, normative, and social framework for the free knowledge movement.

2. Influence conversations that affect our free knowledge policy agenda.

Priorities supported: Global Advocacy, Brand Awareness

  • Build and use the necessary political capital to ensure that policymakers and other stakeholders consider and respect both our projects and the free knowledge movement when developing and updating the regulatory framework in which we operate.

3. Form partnerships that advance our free knowledge policy agenda.

Priorities supported: Global Advocacy, Brand Awareness

  • Convene and partner with stakeholders to amplify our voice and create momentum around the adoption of our free knowledge policy agenda. Shape technical standards and social norms in ways that empower participation in free knowledge.

4. Share our agenda with our communities.

Priorities supported: Global Advocacy, Thriving Movement, Platform Evolution, Worldwide Readership

  • Build technical and community structures that exemplify our free knowledge policy agenda. Conduct appropriate assessments of our impact on human rights, and ensure our organizational plans and strategic work address any deficiencies.


Measuring and evaluating the efficacy of advocacy is an evolving area of study, and tracking the wrong metrics can negatively skew future plans. As part of establishing a positive and unified free knowledge policy agenda, we will work to develop a methodology to measure our progress in the following areas:

  1. Increase awareness and support for our agenda among targeted policymakers.
  2. Increase awareness and support for our agenda within the civil society, international organizations, academia, and industry sectors.
  3. Create a human rights impact assessment for our products and content.