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Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/Maintenance

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This page documents the steps that Wikimedia Foundation staff or contractors must undertake when adding a new transparency report to the existing transparency report framework on Meta-Wiki.


  1. The easiest way to setup the basic pages needed is to copy and paste (I know - shameful words - but it works well here) from the most recent report to new subpages based on the final month and year the report you are publishing covers. For example, the July-December 2015 report is posted at Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/December 2015.
  2. Add new stories to the main Transparency Report stories page.
    • If copying from pages created in Step 1, be sure to change image sizes from 220x220px to 166x166px.
  3. Make any needed updates to the main Transparency Report FAQ page.
  4. Update the main Transparency Report page to include new report. Example:
    * [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/December 2015|{{#formatdate:December 2015}}]]
  5. Update the main templates:
    1. Template:Transparency Report/layout
      • Add the OST file with the report's data to the switch list towards the middle of the template. Example:
        |December 2015 = //transparency.wikimedia.org/data/data_dec_2015.ods
      • Add the new report to the list of reports right below the data files list. Example:
        * [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report/December 2015|{{{December 2015|December 2015}}}]]
    2. Template:Transparency Report
      • Add new report month and year to the {{#switch:{{Transparency Report/Current year}} list of translations. Example:
        |December 2015 = <translate>
        December 2015 Transparency Report</translate>
      • Add new report month and year to the general list of translations. Example:
        |December 2015 = <translate>
        December 2015</translate>
    3. Template:Transparency Report/Current year
      • Update to reflect month and year of new report. Example:
        December 2015

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