Wikimedia Foundation board agenda 2008-04

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March 28 message from the Chair:

Next week (5-7 of april 2008), the board of Wikimedia Foundation will 
hold its first board meeting in San Francisco.

This meeting will be first an opportunity for board members to meet with 
all the new staff members (Véronique, Erica, Cheryl, Mary-Lou, Kul, 
Jay), and to discover our new office.

We have planned formal meetings with the entire board, time for smaller 
group discussions, informal lunches in the office, and dinners at 
restaurant, to provide many opportunities for good conversation and 
bonding between board and staff. The excellent news regarding the two 
recent big donations should cheer us all :-)

The board meeting itself will take place during three days.

We plan to dedicate saturday to board development and governance. This 
will include relationships and contractual agreement between board and 
executive director, possible future council, next elections, 
professionalization of board, etc...
The day will be facilitated by Pat Hughes.

Sunday will be dedicated to our treasurer search. We have planned to 
meet at least three of our best candidates in the morning. The rest of 
the day will be for us discussing and deciding further action.

Monday is likely to be more eclectic.
We will start by reviewing our personal conflict of interest 
questionnaires, approve the previous board meeting minutes. There are 
documents to review and possibly approve (eg, board member pledges, D&O 
proof of purchase, 990 form etc...).
Morning will feature a report from the Executive Director to the board, 
which will include a general update, future goals, and revenue plan.
The rest of the day will include several other topics, such as a data 
retention policy, approval of an (old) resolution related to "board 
membership and employement", Wikimania security assessment, and review 
of the recent media mishaps.

All board members will leave SF on tuesday, which means most of us are 
likely to be poorly available from friday 4th till wenesday 9th. I will 
be travelling from the 2nd till the 9th, so please forgive delays in 
answering requests :-)

If you have any questions on the program (or what is not on the program) 
please do not hesitate to ask here :-)

No minutes yet. One outcome: a Board restructuring announcement (as of April 26).

Upcoming agendas (all suggested as of April 2008):