Wikimedia Foundation board agenda 2012-07

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WMF Board of Trustees meeting
July 10 (dinner) and July 11, 2012 [before Wikimania]
Washington, DC

Proposed Agenda[edit]

This is a draft, and still being finalized. please list suggestions on the talk page.

  • Housekeeping
    • Resolution process
    • Minutes approval
  • Movement roles
    • Approval of AffCom charter and plan
    • Review of status of new models and WCA
    • FDC process and initial membership
  • Strategy & projects
    • Strategy Committee proposal
    • Strategic planning: timeline for the next 5-yr plan
    • New projects: status of Travel Guide proposal
    • Updates on Visual Editor & editor retention
  • Board structure
    • Welcome and on-boarding for chapter selected trustees
    • Term limit proposal
    • Appointed Trustees [re]appointment discussion
    • Board officer elections
    • Committee composition