Wikimedia Foundation board meeting notes, 2015-12

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On December 9, 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees met.

Resolutions passed[edit]

  • Board approval of FDC recommendation (2015-16, Round 1)
    • This FDC recommendation, unlike others, contained strong words of criticism for the Wikimedia Foundation itself. The meeting minutes mention that the Board "expressed concerns that the FDC might be acting outside their mandate by putting certain restrictions on their funding recommendations," but did not state explicitly what the concerns were. The minutes (but not the resolution itself) were explicit about approving the recommendation "with respect to the amount of funding requested." Also according to the minutes, the Board "planned to publish a letter explaining the decision along with the resolution for the FDC." Unsure whether that letter has been published.
  • The minutes state that an "Endowment Resolution" was passed, but it has an erroneous link, and as of March 8, 2016, it does not appear that resolution has been published. There was relevant discussion on the Wikimedia-L email list in early December; it all predated this meeting, and no Trustees participated in the discussion.

Board composition and governance[edit]

Minutes approval[edit]