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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Election Volunteers/Outreach and the translation is 33% complete.
Tình nguyện viên bầu cử năm 2021
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Thank you to the Election Volunteers for sharing information about the Board of Trustees elections. The Facilitation team created several resources to support Election Volunteers during their outreach. These resources include message templates, communication tool information, and weekly checklist to guide Election Volunteer work.

Contact any facilitator for additional information or support.

Hộp kiểm

Each week, the facilitation team will release a checklist of outreach actions for you with a set of template messages to use.

Công cụ liên lạc

Whether you are an Election Volunteer or not, there are many ways to keep your community informed about the elections. The goal is to connect with communities where the conversations are happening.

There are many ways to connect with communities. The facilitation team has compiled a list of communication tools, their advantages and some advice on their use too. If you feel something is missing, please add it!

It is up to you to decide what combination of communication tools is best for your community. This is a list to inspire you. You are the local experts and know best, which tools are popular in your communities and which not.

Most of these tools can be easily used by any volunteer, a few need some advanced knowledge. The election facilitators are eager to help you!

Tin nhắn và Bản mẫu

The facilitation team will create some message templates for communities to adapt and reuse. From plain text to videos, there will be a wide selection of it. Feel free to change them or to create new things. Share the results of your work with all of us - it’s a wiki! ;) .