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Wikimedia Foundation elections/2024/Candidates/Eng-Bavly

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Bavly Magdy (Eng-Bavly)[edit]

Eng-Bavly (talk meta edits global user summary CA  AE)

Candidate details
  • Personal:
    • Name: Bavly Magdy
    • Location: Egypt
    • Languages: Arabic, English, Germany
  • Editorial:
Total word count for the whole application (required + optional questions) is 1000 (one thousand) words
Required questions
Why are you running for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees? What would you contribute? What would you like to learn more about? Because I want to participate with more organization and I have energy that I want to use properly.
Please describe your Wikimedia experience (such as contributions to the Wikimedia projects, memberships in Wikimedia organizations or affiliates, activities as a Wikimedia movement organizer, or participation with a Wikimedia movement ally organization). I have a suggestion here.
From your perspective, what should the Wikimedia Foundation be prioritizing over the next 5-10 years, and why do you see these as the most important priorities? Organizing more competitions, but the types of competitions should be organizing previous articles and providing articles without sources with sources, because there are many, many unorganized articles and competitions will motivate users and editors to participate in these competitions and thus will benefit Wikimedia.
Optional questions - Professional Experience, Skills and Education
Please describe your experience with governing bodies of organizations (nonprofit or for-profit), mentioning the scope of your responsibilities, as well as the complexity of the organization (in terms of scale of operations, budget, number of people involved, or other meaningful measures) and the size of the board or body. Yes (Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group, He participated in the Free 2 competition (مسابقة حرر) as a contestant. (The problem was the lack of clarity about the competition budget from the beginning of the competition, and this resulted in a misunderstanding regarding the prizes)
Please describe your professional career experience. I'm an Engineer
Please briefly describe 3 situations that show how you tackled, or advised others on, a complex problem in an organization. How did you work with others to address the situations?
Please describe your educational background, including degrees, certificates, and courses of study finished, and their relevance to board work. Bachelor of Pharmacy from Cairo University
Please add any relevant links describing your professional background, experience, profile (such as LinkedIn, staff page, etc.).
Optional questions - Leadership Experience
Please describe ways in which you have helped to form a bridge between multiple communities (such as by working on projects outside your home wiki, or working on a collaboration between multiple affiliates).
Can you describe a policy, on wiki or off, that you helped to create or change? What did you learn from this experience?
How have you been able to empower people to make their voices heard?
Sometimes in professional situations, there are personality conflicts. Explain how you remain productive even with personality conflicts.
Optional questions - Strategic Thinking
Where do you see the need for greater diversity in the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees or within the movement? What steps would you take to improve diversity on the Board or within the movement? What steps would you recommend the Board take to improve diversity? The Wikimedia Board of Trustees needs diversity to maintain neutrality. I will add new users who respect the Wikimedia rules well without the intervention of mediators or relatives to maintain neutrality and the institution. The steps that must be followed are to add new blood to the institution to renew thought and constructive ideas to expand the institution’s activity and maintain its effectiveness.
Verification Identity verification performed by Wikimedia Foundation staff and eligibility verification performed by the Elections Committee
Eligibility: Candidate not eligible
Verified by: KTC (talk) 22:32, 31 May 2024 (UTC)[reply]