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User DragonFire1024
Real name Jason Safoutin
Me after a haircut on June 20, 2007.
Location Buffalo, New York, United States
Age 26
User page(s) English Wikinews, English Wikipedia, English Commons.
Wikimedia participant since Wikinews: January 9, 2006; Wikipedia: January 21, 2006; Commons: January 14, 2006
Projects in which I participate Wikinews, Wikipedia, Commons.
Languages in which I participate English
Link to user contribution pages wikinews:en:special:contributions/DragonFire1024, w:en:special:contributions/DragonFire1024, commons:special:contributions/DragonFire1024.
My candidate statement I am heavily involved with en.Wikinews and also an Administrator. I have published nearly 450 articles on en.Wikinews since I joined in January of 2006. I have also written several interviews exclusive to Wikinews and have also been one of the developers for Wikinews Video 2.0 and Wikinews Weather (BETA). I created 2 promotional videos for wikinews and was the person to first organize and start Wikinews Weather (again after more than 2 1/2 years), to which is updated and maintained by me and another user. I hope to get many users on various Wikis involved in the broadcast and recording of Wikinews Video and Wikinews Weather.

My biggest Wiki-wide goal is an attempt for users on various project to work together on certain issues and ideas and to help in developing new ways in gathering information and more efficient ways of delivering that information to the world.

I believe all Wikimedia projects should get the same attention when decisions regarding policies/finance/etc are made and that those polices should conform to the needs and goals of each project whenever possible. I also believe that the community of each project should be more involved in Board decisions that would drastically change the operation of their project(s).

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/DragonFire1024/questions