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User:Michael Snow[edit]

User Michael Snow
Real name Michael Snow
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Age 33
User page(s) English Wikipedia user page
Wikimedia participant since December 2003
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia, Meta (occasionally also Wikinews and Wikimedia Commons)
Languages in which I participate English (occasionally French and German, which I also speak)
Link to user contribution pages English Wikipedia, Meta (for my work elsewhere I have not necessarily registered accounts)
My candidate statement I respect what the Wikimedia Foundation has accomplished so far with limited resources and many forces pulling on it. I want to fill some of the gaps and make it a more functional organization. Finances are a constant issue, as Wikimedia must bring in more money and find new donation sources. Brand name value can help support operating funds, but this must be done carefully to preserve neutrality and also protect brands from outsiders trying to exploit them. Relationships with each project and its diverse participants need to be cultivated. The board must listen carefully to reflect the will of the community and not just the loudest voices.

Beyond working on Wikipedia articles, my Wikimedia experience has covered a variety of areas. For many, if you recognize my name it may be because I started The Wikipedia Signpost at the beginning of 2005. Although not intended as a universal news source for Wikimedia issues, it's perhaps as useful as any other source, and it has many readers from languages and projects other than just the English Wikipedia. My other Wikimedia involvement has included serving as chair of the Communications committee. As a lawyer, I have also given occasional advice to the Wikimedia Foundation, when its legal needs coincide with my ability to help. I believe that I understand the challenges and would bring a valuable perspective to the board.

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