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User SarekOfVulcan
Real name Garrett Fitzgerald
Location Brewer, Maine, United States
Age 39
User page(s) en, Commons
Wikimedia participant since March 2004
Projects in which I participate en.wikipedia, with one contribution to commons to date
Languages in which I participate en
Link to user contribution pages en, Commons
My candidate statement I'm a firm believer in the promise of Wikipedia, and in community content in general. I was given the Microsoft MVP award 4 times for my online participation in the Visual FoxPro community, and while working at Microsoft, I served for about a year as the VFP MVP lead. I'm also a clarinetist, a baritone, and a father of two. I've been on the net for a while: Google Groups shows a reply to a post of mine in November 1986, and the first message identifiably mine in March 1989. My first web page went up at some point before August 1994.

My editing is pretty varied: sometimes I'll edit on topics I'm familiar with, like Freemasonry or Visual FoxPro -- sometimes I'll just have my interest caught by a change I run across somewhere, that will lead me into a whole new set of topics.

I want Wikipedia to stay free and open, and hope to help find the proper balance. I am not a lawyer or business expert: just a geek who wants to help other people. Thanks.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/SarekOfVulcan/questions