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Wikimedia Foundation website/2017-2018 update/Development stage

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The development stage involves writing the preliminary content for the site, making sure all of the information is accurate, and designing it to reach external audiences.

Melody Kramer will be serving as the editorial lead for the process. In that role, she will be working closely with an external content designer and with subject matter experts identified from across the organization.

What is being developed[edit]

Where content will be located[edit]

The new Wikimedia Foundation website will have a more focused scope than the current site. As a result, not everything currently on the Wikimedia Foundation website will be a part of the new website. This table provides a basic overview of where content will be located when the new site launches. Pages currently on the site will be categorized accordingly and then relocated or repurposed as necessary.

Wikimedia Foundation website Wikimedia Foundation documentation wiki Meta-Wiki MediaWiki.org Other sites
  • General organization information
  • Donor information
  • General partners information
  • Staff listing
  • Leadership listing and biographies
  • Press releases
  • Pathways to other sites
  • Organization policies
  • Board resolutions
  • Team landing pages (for teams not in Technology or Audiences departments)
  • Discussions
  • Staff biographies
  • Community-oriented materials
  • Historical and archived materials
  • Team landing pages (for teams in Technology or Audiences departments)
  • Donation and credit card processing (donate.wikimedia.org)
  • Research team findings (research.wikimedia.org)
  • Transparency report (transparency.wikimedia.org)
  • Public policy portal (policy.wikimedia.org)

Audiences for new site content[edit]

Content being developed for the new Wikimedia Foundation website will be focused primarily on external audiences.

The target audiences for the new site include:

  • Donors
  • Partner organizations
  • Press
  • Job seekers
  • Potential volunteers