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Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Wikimania 2019/Mahuton

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The request has been accepted by the commission, for 797 € max (meals are included in the conference ticket). Trizek from FR 19:06, 22 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]


Is it your first Wikimania ?


Have you already received a scholarship from Wikimedia France?


What is your implication on Wikimedia projects? How is it aligned with the theme of the conference? Please describe in details.

  • Promoting African languages on Wikis

African languages are under represented on Internet and do think it is important for Africans to learn and share knowledge in their own mother tongue languages.

Wikimedia projects are the best places to start this. This is a kind of inequality that needs to be reduced.

That's why I started last year a wikipedia in my mother tongue language (https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/fon/W%C3%A9m%C3%A1_Nuk%C9%94nt%C9%94n) and now organizing communities of volunteer contributors of Fon Wikipedians.

  • Training new African volunteers and organizing communities:

Wikipedia contributors are few in Africa: only 1000 among the 70000 active ones in the world. Even if, this is due to some technical problems the continent is facing like power cuts, most people in African doesn't know how to contribute and this is one the stop point even if people want to contribute. I organize workshop to recruit and train new African volunteers specially in Benin.

I have specially hep organize the community of Wikimedians from Benin and some weeks ago, it had been recognized as an officiel user group.

  • Technical

I'm involve in Wikimedia a s a volunteer developer working bots, maintaining extensions and developing tools for communities.

Currently, I'm working working on optimizing LinguaLibre UI on mobile devices for a better user experience. This is really important for the platform to be adopted in Africa as most people connect using mobile devices. I'm also working on a Wikimedia Commons games tools and an interactive documentation platform for GLAM uploads.

What is your motivation attending Wikimania?

Meeting others contributors and sharing experience is one important reason. I'm also planning to attend the Wikimania Hackathon to accelerate my projects.

Do you also plan to attend the hackathon or the learning days? (if so, please describe your projects there)


  • I would like to attend the hackathon. Meeting languages experts from the Foundation will help me accelerate the incubated Fon wikipedia. Setting up most needed templates and organizing the homepage. I will document the keyboard we have developed during last year's wikimedia hackathon to make accessible for new Fon contributors.

Have you submitted a talk or a workshop for Wikimania 2019? (if so, please add a link)

Comment by Yug: Mahuton has shown interest to support the LinguaLibre talks submitted by myself (Yug). Details will be settled down according to scholarship results and in July.

How good is your English?

Fluent in English

Anything else?


Don't forget to add the price of the registration.

The more precise your request is, the better.

Designation cost
2 Days Pre Conference on August 14–15 (Early Bird) 90 €
3 Days Conference on August 16–18 (Early Bird) 157 €
Flight tickets Paris-Stokholm-Paris(via ebooker.com) 200 €
Accommodations(13-18) 300 €
Meals(Lunch + Dinner) 60 €
Others fees( Bus tickets ...) 50 €
Total 857 €


Accepté, voir en haut de la page.
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