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Wikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Wikimania 2019/tonpseudo

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Cette demande de micro-financement à Wikimédia France a été acceptée au 2e trimestre 2019.

  This request for Wikimania 2013 has been accepted by the commission, for 528,50€ max. Trizek from FR 19:47, 22 June 2019 (UTC)[reply]


Is it your first Wikimania ?


Have you already received a scholarship from Wikimedia France?


What is your implication on Wikimedia projects? How is it aligned with the theme of the conference? Please describe in details.

I am an activist for the participation of marginalized youngsters by digital education and social impact projects, since 8 years. My first step in wikimedia movement was by writing articles on social justice and discriminations in 2016. I really got active in the wikimedia community by participating to "Les sans pagEs Méditerranée", as bridging the gender gap appears as a very important topic to me. Being a part of the project Les sans pagEs Méditerranée, and Noircir Wikipédia allows me to stand for gender equality (SDG5). I participated to the edit-a-thon "Write for the Rights" in Tunis, where we wrote 100+articles on LGBTQ+ rights and intiatives in the Mena region, in different languages. This showed me how these kind of events are able to make a concrete change and have a great impact for communities which suffer from inequalities and discriminations. I also attended the wikiconvention in grenoble and the wikimedia and education conference in San Sebastian, which gave me the opportunity to meet a vivid and vibrant community and to explore all the opportunities of appropriating wikimedia projects and mobilize in my own community.

The projects I stand for in the wikimedia movement are particularly linked to the SDG 4 and 10.

Indeed, quality education is the main matter of Wikimedia educational projects. I'm starting a social workers training to improve articles on child protection and on topics related to the field, and to educate marginalized youngsters (scholar dropout, justice or mental health issues, particular vulnerabilities) to contribute, and to use Wikipedia to inform and educate themselves. It is also a means to reduce inequalities (SDG 10) and to garanty equal opportunities to access culture.

Secondly, the project Patrimoines Africains / African Heritages that i run is also focusing on the SDG10. It aims to reduce representation inequalities of african cultures within wikimedia and among cultural institutions or medias. The first event took place simultaneously in Paris, Marseille, and Bamako, we had remotely participation from Tunis, Lagos, Kinshasa and Ouagadougou. We invited a representant of the Unesco to share about intangible african heritage lack of valorisation and the inequality of representation of african culture in media, and contributed to the Wikipédia encyclopedy. During this day, 36 persons participated from 6 countries, bringing a lot of newbies, between them journalists, students and social workers. We created 16 articles in 3 languages, improved 15. This event was successfull and led us to the creation of a network which will have regular activity to bridge inequalities by contributing to wikipedia.

To reduce inequalities, i also think access to the rights are an essential part, so i am co-organizing Write for the Rights Marseille, for asylum and human rights for refugees.

What is your motivation attending Wikimania?

It's crucial for every community to meet in-person and Wikimedia is no different. I think the importance of an in-person meeting of this magnitude can not be discounted and hence my keen interest to attend. It will also be a unique opportunity to meet key stakeholders that work in the space I focus most of my activities in, especially with the topic of the conference this year. I would love to take the Wikimania opportunity to learn from different leaders of the community, i am sure the experience pool at the conference may inspire my activities back home, and lead to partnerships opportunities. It's also crucial because I can share my projects and collect feedback to make key inputs.

Do you also plan to attend the hackathon or the learning days? (if so, please describe your projects there)


Have you submitted a talk or a workshop for Wikimania 2019? (if so, please add a link)

I will facilitate a debate and present projects in a session in diversity room https://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/2019:Diversity/Let%27s_open_up_:_Refugees,_marginalized_youngsters,_african_diaspora I will also assist sophiedidacressources in her poster presentation, as i am an active participant of her workgroup

How good is your English?


Anything else?

can't wait :)


Don't forget to add the price of the registration.

The more precise your request is, the better.

Designation cost
Registration 198,5 €
Flights (Paris Stockholm / Stockholm Paris) 180 €
Accomodation (Hotel room 100€ per night, for 3 nights, shared, so divided by 2) 150 €
Total 528,5 €


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