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This page describes the programs of Wikimedia France from July 2013 to June 2014.

See the timeline (hiring and flagship actions) on this Google doc

Francophonie and local languages[edit]

This strategic focus is mainly based on three projects:

  • Develop a francophone group into the Wikimedia movement with the existing chapters (CH, Canada) and the French-speaking community (Belgium, Tunisia, Maroc, etc.) to develop and coordinate some common projects, to support the communities and to develop the strategic goals of the Wikimedia Movement into the French-speaking projects.
  • Afripedia project : diffusion of Wikipedia offline in universities and schools in Francophone Africa, in partnership with the Institut français, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and Kiwix
  • Working group "Languages" for a watch on the issue of multilingualism and local languages in the Wikimedia projects, with the aim to support the creation of linguistic communities able to launch Wikipedia in the languages of France and to support communities and existing projects


  • Develop a francophone group :
    • Help to create (or support the creation) of 2 new Francophone chapters
    • Organize a francophone meeting into the Wikimedia movement
    • Create at least one project together in the francophone group
  • Afripedia :
    • 2 deployments / workshops Afripédia
    • sustainability project system
    • Hiring a Francophonie and local languages project manager
  • Local languages :
    • Help to create at least 2 new wikimedia projects in local languages
  • Organize a meeting or a project for the contributors in regional languages in France


  • People with poor or no access to internet : most of the universities in Francophone Africa, schools
  • Wikimedia projects with :
    • better coordination between french-speaking communities to enrich and promote the projects and to build the Wikimedia movement by supporting communities, chapters etc
    • highest diversity of contributors : more new editors from Africa and overseas territories
    • more diversity of languages

Provisional schedule[edit]

  • Summer 2013 : francophone meeting at Wikimania 2013 ; hiring a Francophonie and local languages project manager ;
  • Autumn - Winter 2013-2014 : organization of a common project, local languages meeting in mainland ;
  • Winter 2013-2014 : planning of the second WikiCamp about languages in territory overseas.
  • Spring 2014 : Francophonie and local languages Meeting, second WikiCamp about languages in territory overseas.


  • Francophonie and local languages Meeting :
    • > 150 attendees ;
    • > 10 countries represented ; publication of meeting proceedings.
    • doubling of perspectives for 2014-2015
  • Local languages meeting in mainland
    • >30 attendees
    • at least 5 languages represented
    • publication of a report on Wikimedia porjects in local languages
  • Second WikiCamp
    • 10 from 15 people trained
    • 2 lingustic's projects incubated
    • 100 editions per trained people 3 months after WikiCamp ; 5 pictures uploaded on Commons ; 10 articles created.
  • Afripédia
    • 45 universities / high school with offline access to Wikipedia
    • providing regular versions of Wikipedia + Wikisource and pedagogical content in USB key
    • > 250 new contributors from french-speaking Africa
    • for each Afripedia training : 50% trained people have achieved at least 3 goals defined at the end of training, 80% of statistics recovered, doubling of perspectives for 2014-2015


  • € 92 500
  • working group "Languages"
  • discussion list Francophones
  • support local communities
  • help new contributors, in new projects or in French-speaking projects
  • director of programs : manage the project before recruitment of the project manager ; coordination and sustainability and expanding of the projects ; relationships with partners
  • Project manager "Francophonie and languages" : project coordination and support volunteers involved, training and facilitation of new communities of contributors; Involvement in coordination of francophone movement.

Territorial development[edit]

To facilitate and sustain the Wikimédia France's volunteers' involvement, to develop the chapter actions on throughout France and create new partnerships, Wikimédia France wants to experiment deployment of 5 local correspondents in big cities, coordinated by a manager for territorial development. These local correspondants will be under volontariat de service civique contracts for 9 months in part-time work with a beginning in October 2013.

Volontariat de service civique is a fixed term contract of volunteer, please see [1]

This project should be seen as an experiment in order to determine if such project can be sustained on the long term.

Goals and metrics[edit]

  • Increase the amount of volunteers (+10 new volunteers per city with a local liaison)
  • Increase the amount of active volunteers (+5 per city with a local liaison)
  • Setting-up of >5 local actions by each liaison (contributors/chapter volunteers meet-ups, Contribution workshops, etc.)
  • Local media coverage (>2 press articles)

co-financing of at least one action by the liaison (or local “cabal”) be closer to our locally partners and create new partnerships to develop the chapter actions on throught France : listing of the possible partnership in the region.

The goals and deliverables can be slightly modified depending on the existence of a local group of volunteer in the city chosen.

Monitoring tools[edit]

These project is an experimentation. To be successful, we plan to set up monitoring and evaluation tools.

  • memberships tracking, registration on thematic mailing lists, working groups thematic and local working groups.
  • implementation of monitoring tools for the partners census (as google doc, intern wiki, etc.)
  •   weekly reporting by the local relays and a complete balance sheet at the end of these experimentation for planning a renewal and an adapting  of the project.

Provisional schedule[edit]

  • July : Taking position of the territorial development manager
  • from August to September:
    • end of transitioning with the education and research manager,
    • finalization of aproval documentation
    • List the expectations of each group of local volunteers
    • Start the recruitment process for the local correspondents
  • Septembre: Hiring of the 5 local correspondents
  • from October to December:
    • Training of the liaisons
    • Meeting with local volunteers
    • Listing of potential partnerships
    • Setting-up of tools for coordination of the liaisons
  • from January to May : Organization of a meet-up between local contributors and chapters volunteers, setting up of an external action, draft of grant proposals, listing of potential partnerships, liaison training, assessments and decision on hiring the civic volunteers with a permanent work contract.
  • June 2014 : Experiment assessment, decision on hiring the civic volunteers with a permanent work contract, and if the assessment is positive hiring of 2 new liaisons (in 2 other cities).


This project should help the volunteers of Wikimedia France and the contributors of the Wikimedia projects.


  • € 22 750
  • Groups of local volunteers
  • Support to local actions
  • Welcoming new volunteers / contributors
  • Editor engagement
  • Knowledge of the local community's social fabric
  • Territorial development manager (a permanent staff member as of May 2013): coordination and support for local liaison
  • local correspondents (5 civic volunteers for 9 months in part-time work starting in October 2013): support/increase the local actions.

The Territorial development manager will manage the 5 civic volunteers and will be managed by the Executive Director. The actions of the liaisons related to the programs will be supervised by the Programs director and by other staff members if needed.


Involved since several years in projects and partnerships with cultural institutions, Wikimédia France wants to continue these projects and make the GLAM more and more autonomous and qualified in their projects to liberate content. We also encourage the contribution of the GLAM staffs in the Wikimedia projects to ensure the quality of them.


  • Increase the number of GLAM institutions involved in contribution or liberation of content, on Wikipédia, Wikimedia Commons and the other Wikimedia projects.
  • Get with success operations of "mass upload" and write documentation of process
  • Train the GLAM staff to prepare content uploads
  • Organize the documentation for institutions and systems to evaluate their actions and the impact of putting their content on Wikimedia projects

Provisional Schedule[edit]

  • Summer 2013 : work on GLAM toolbox
  • Autumn 2013 : workshops open to GLAM institutions in Paris (1) and in region (2)  ; workshops with the Musée de Cluny, hiring of GLAM project manager
  • Winter 2013 : workshops in region (3) and in Paris (1) ; workshop with the Musée de Cluny, GLAM monitoring by the project manager.
  • Winter 2013-2014 : official launching on GLAM toolbox, 1 successfully mass upload from GLAM institution
  • Spring 2014 : organization of 6 half-day trainings, 2 successfully mass upload from GLAM institutions.


  • Wikimedia projects : more free and cultural content
  • GLAM institutions : our goal is to give autonomy to be independant and active to liberate content
  • Contributors : training is to facilitate the relationships between active contributors and GLAM staff and reduce the work of contributors during the upload projects and contributions projects.


  • GLAM workshops :
    • At least 150 to + 220 people from GLAM institutions trained about Wikimedia Project
    • Average 4 contributions by trained people
    • 15% people are autonomous on Wikimedia Projects
    • 80% of the content is not reverted
  • Mass-Upload :
    • At least 2 categories by picture
    • 10% of files are reused on Wikimedia projects
    • 1 blogpost for each mass-upload project
    • Number of views for files (number of views of the articles where files are included)


  • € 7 800
  • Working group "GLAM" (with discussion list)
  • Training / Outreach for GLAM institutions
  • Help to prepare uploads
  • Work on documentation
  • GLAM project manager : coordination of projects, support active volunteers, negociate with institutions, watch over the opportunities and proposals
  • director of programs : supporting and managing the GLAM project manager
  • Engineering staff : training for institutions, develop tech tools in coordination with volunteers involved in GLAM projects


In line with the actions developed in the 2 last school year and following the balance sheet, Wikimédia France continues the projects for the secondary and higher education with an emphasis on the provision of resources to education professionals, the establishment of training for teachers, support and deployment of educational projects. The main actions are:

  • Reinforcement trainings to teachers
  • Renewal a Wikicontest in high schools (Toulouse)
  • Development of an "Education kit" with a dedicated website
  • Deployment of trainings for PhD students and researchers in charge of courses
  • Supporting teachers on the monitoring of pedagogical projects on Wikimedia projects
  • Being more actively present in seminars, conferences
  • Publishing a free school diary for secondary school pupils from Wikimedia projects contents
  • Continue our current partnership with educational structures

Goals and metrics[edit]

  • support to 5 pedagogical projects
  • training of 350 educational professionals (empowerment) and PhD
  • obtain approval "Education Nationale"
  • for educational professionals : 5% involved in a project with their students in the months following the training
  • for Phd students : 10% of new regular contributors 6 months after training ; > 1 article created by each student ; 80% of contents not reverted
  • massive diffusion of the pedagogical kit (downloads > 200 ; > 2000 visitors / month on the website)
  • communication : > 10 blogposts and press
  • official support for Vikidia (an online encyclopedia wiki for children) : financial support and active support by the educational project manager
  • more visibility on the wiki projects : educational WikiProjects on Wikipédia, Wikiversity, inventory of the contributors who are teachers.


  • educational professionals
  • pupils, students and PhD

Provisionnal Schedule[edit]

  • January - June : URFIST (Regional unit for training scientific and technical information), training for UMPC (university), support to the project of the University of Paris X-Nanterre on Wikiversity, "Week of the press" in schools (end of the Damville project and the Wikicontest)
  • July - December : Salon de l'éducation 2013, launching on Free School Diary project, approval "Education Nationale", renewal trainings for PhD students and URFIST, UPC. Work on pedagogical kit (setting up Website), launching on a new Wikicontest with pupils, supporting pedagogical projects with teachers and researchers in charge of courses.
  • January - June : continue trainings with PhD students and URFIST, "Week of the press" in schools (Event award), end of pedagogical projects support, massiv spread of pedagogical kit.


  • € 27 300
  • Working group "education"
  • support training, welcome the new contributors in the Wikimedia projects
  • help to prepare the pedagogical kit
  • stands and communication
  • dissemination and relay on Wikimedia projects
  • educational project manager : coordination of the working group, organization of trainings
  • director of programs : supporting and managing the education and research project manager
  • communication project manager : support and valuation of the educational projects in internal / external communication


In the sustainability of our actions with the research community, Wikimedia France develops and continues its activities, notably on :

  • Wikimedia France Research Award
  • Launching of a contest to improve Wikipedia articles related to the theme of ecology with the researchers involved on this topics
  • Project in Scientific Culture : launching trainings at the beginning of the academic year with professionals on this topics and a long-term project
  • Publishing pedagogical materials (booklet, etc.) for academics by topics. For example : booklet " Popularize with Wikimedia projects"

Goals and metrics[edit]

  • increase the number of contributors (>200 user account created, 5% of regular contributors following the contest (3-4 months),> 1 article by participant created, 80% of the content added by members unrevoked; > 5 articles labeled.
  • Research Award : >100 votes from selected articles by the jury ; dedicated website traffic (>5000 unique visitors by month from the annoucement of the winner, >1 blog post (Wikimédia France and Wikimédia Foundation blogs), press coverage (>2 articles), award event at WikiSym 2014 (>100 attendees)
  • Project in Scientific Culture : launching long-term project (Wikibooks or Portal:Scientific Culture) --> >50 trained people and active on this project. >2 blogpost and for press coverage >2 articles.
  • Pedagogical materials dissemination : >1000 uploads on our Website and >500 booklets disseminate
  • Wikimedians
  • Academics

Provisional schedule[edit]

  • July - December : Ecology contest and event award (>50 attendees), launching Project on Scientific Culture, renewal Wikimedia France Research Award, work on pedagogical materials.
  • January - June : event award for Wikimédia France research award, balacnce sheet on Scientific Culture project, massive dissemination on our pedagogical materials.


  • € 19 150
  • working group "research"
  • project support, communication
  • welcoming new contributors
  • training support
  • education and research project manager : coordination of the working group, organization of trainings, project monitoring
  • directors of programs : supporting and managing the education and research project manager
  • communication project manager : communication support of research projects (internal and external)


  • given a better knowledge about Wikimedia projects
  • share the Wikimedia content
  • go to find new contributors and new readers


  • Organization of regular conferences
    • Monitoring and develop coherence with the conferences animated by members and staff ;
    • Support members wich wants to animate conferences (trainings, kits)
  • Framakey
    • Stabilization of the project
    • Promote the project
    • development of the project
  • Seniors
    • Prospecting on potential partnerships
    • Setting up workshop
  • Wokshops, stands, etc
    • Monitoring and develop coherence with the workshops and stands animated by members and staff ;
    • Encourage Wikimedians involvement and setting-up trainings to
    • Create kits ready for stands and workshops
  • Intel Project
    • setting-up trainings to encourage voluntary contribution on WM projects


  • conferences, stands
    • number of conferences and stands
    • geographical coverage
    • number of attendees to our events/conferences
    • involvement from volunteers
    • communication materials dissemination
    • use of "kits"
  • workshops, Intel project
    • number of attendees
    • > 4 editions per attendees
    • 15% of contributors become autonomous
    • 80% of contents non revoked
  • Seniors
    • number of contacts
    • workshop planification
    • number of trained people
    • >4 editions per attendees
    • 15% of contributors become autonomous
    • 80% of contents non revoked
  • Framakey


  • € 5 650
  • Welcoming new contributors ;
  • Support on the organization and animation of workshops, stands, conferences.
  • Deployment of actions in less-coverage regions
  • Importance of local groups
  • directors of programs : general monitoring, transfer of competency, management of new contacts
  • Administrativ Assistant : general support
  • all project managers : support on trainings


Wikimédia France is involved since 2011 in a partnership with the Ministry of Culture and INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) to build a semantic extractor for Wikipedia (this project is the francophone chapter of DBpedia). The objective is to build a working platform for semantic extraction of the Wikimedia contents (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc) to help reusing in external websites and projects : In 2012-2013, we continue to be involved in this project, this will be operational at the end of 2013, with the aim to sustain and develop it.


  • stable version of the semantic extraction of Wikipedia (;
  • stabilization of the technical infrastructure
  • start the semantic extraction of Wiktionary
  • animation of a community of institutional and industrial reusers, and the community of wikimedians involved in semantic issues


  • number of institutionnal reusers : > 5
  • server load
  • organize a conference before the end of 2013 about semantic extraction of wikimedia contents >100 attendees
  • organize a workshop with volunteers, Inria and the Ministry of Culture.


  • € 11 000
  • working group : semantic (with a discussion-list)
  • Programs director : coordination of the project with the partners and community ; valuation ; sustainability and development of the project
  • Engineering staff : follow the technical issues, coordination with the volunteers


Sustain community members activity

Goals and metrics[edit]

  • support projects organized by volunteers (Micro-funds, photo equipment, etc.) : >30 demands for Micro-fund comittee
  • organization of WikiLovesMonuments
  • organization events with partners (OSM, etc.): >1 event
  • support Wikiconstest and other community support


  • € 33 000
  • Micro-fund comittee
  • local and thematic working groups
  • administrative assistant
  • director of programs and project managers
  • territorial development manager and local correspondents


Managing and maintaining technical projects of the chapter

Goals and metrics[edit]

  • functional GLAM Toolbox
  • technical help to the project
  • server stats to track and measure impact of our actions
  • development of internal tools
  • trainings for partners and volunteers
  • new version of the website (long-term plan)

Provisional schedule[edit]

  • GLAM Toolbox
    • Summer 2013 : development work and support documentation
    • automne 2013 : launching of GLAM Toolbox


  • € 20 000
  • engineering list
  • websites specification
  • GLAM formation
  • Engineering manager : volunteer empowerment of the tech@ list, doing particular projects and helping others.


  • Management of educational and communication materials
    • general booklets and tutorials for trainings
    • educational materials (flyers, posters, etc.)
    • communication materials (goodies, stand equipment)
    • wikimediashop
    • publishing annual report 2012 for partners and major donors
    • Framakeys for major donors
  • Coordinating of internal and external communication of the association: internally coordinate the newsletter and the various reports of the working groups of volunteers, coordinating communication with the Wikimedia community and the reports for the Wikimedia Foundation.

Goals and Metrics[edit]

  • Once a month, publish : an internal newsletter and a summary of our activities (Wikimedia France blog and Meta)
  • For each flagship actions, propose a post on the Wikimedia Foundation blog
  • Reporting for the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Publishing tutorial materials on Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikiversity
  • Publishing a booklet partnerships


  • € 12 700
  • support for drafting the educational materials, various reports and blog posts.
  • communication project manager helped by volunteers and all staff

Europeana GLAM toolset[edit]

Wikimédia France, with Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia NL, is paying for an important uploading tool for cultural institutions developped by the European numeric library Europeana.


See on Commons

Provisional schedule[edit]

  • phase 3 : January - September 2013

Beta version in complete production. Possibility of makings plugs-in.

  • phase 4 : October - December 2013

Public testing phase


  • € 30 900
  • Steering group
  • Supporting beta-testing museums
  • Director of programs : project management and coordination  ; enhancement ; integration in GLAM projects
  • Engineering staff : following beta-testing institutions ; documentation