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Wikimedia Fulfulde Community

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Wikimedia Fulfulde Community User Group is a community of dedicated Wikimedia volunteers who work to enrich wiki projects like Wikipedia and its sister projects in Fulfulde language. The community helps various periodic activities to enrich Fulfulde Wikipedia and spread free knowledge, such as outreach campaigns, audio-visual contents, educational lectures, training and editing workshops. The organization is open for partnerships and membership to all interested individuals interested in enriching Fulfulde content on the Internet.



1. Content Creation and Improvement in Fulfulde: Collaborate on creating and improving content in Fulfulde on Wikimedia projects, with a focus on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other relevant platforms.

2. Fulfulde Language Outreach: Conduct outreach activities targeting speakers of Fulfulde to encourage participation and contribution to Wikimedia projects in their language.

3. Fulfulde Language-Specific Edit-a-thons: Organize edit-a-thons and content creation events specifically for contributors who speak Fulfulde, with the goal of expanding and enhancing Fulfulde-language content on Wikimedia projects.

4. Translation Efforts in Fulfulde: Facilitate translation efforts to make Wikimedia content available in Fulfulde, ensuring that information is accessible to Fulfulde speakers.

5. Fulfulde Educational Programs: Run educational programs and workshops focused on teaching contributors how to effectively contribute to Wikimedia projects in Fulfulde.

6. Advocacy for Fulfulde Language and Culture: Advocate for the representation and preservation of the Fulfulde language and culture on Wikimedia projects, supporting content creation that reflects the linguistic and cultural richness of the Fulfulde-speaking community.

7. Collaboration with Fulfulde-Speaking Institutions: Collaborate with institutions, educational organizations, and cultural bodies that focus on Fulfulde language and culture to promote the use of Wikimedia projects and contribute relevant content.

8. Fulfulde Language-Specific Technical Development: Contribute to technical development and improvement of Wikimedia projects with a focus on features and tools that enhance the user experience for Fulfulde speakers.

9. Promotion of Fulfulde Cultural Heritage: Promote the documentation and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Fulfulde-speaking community through Wikimedia projects.



The Fulfulde Wikimedia user group, focused on the Fulfulde language community, could engage in various activities to support and promote the use of Wikimedia projects in Fulfulde. Here are some potential activities for the Fulfulde Wikimedia user group:

  • Regular meetings (online and in person): the community of this user group will be organizing regular meet-ups for its members in order to share ideas and to find ways to support them to continue editing the Wikimedia projects in areas where they would need help. Such meetings will help the community to work in a more coordinated way and also help to quickly deal with any problems that may exist in the community. At these meetings, the community sets goals and plans various activities.
  • Editing contests and thematic weeks: the group will be organizing editing contests to encourage existing regular editors to keep editing Wikimedia projects and also encourage non-members/users to join.
  • Training Workshops/Editathons: to help new Wikipedians learn editing techniques, to create, translate and improve content in all Wikimedia projects or work on and develop a certain topic which will in return promote the project.
  • Photowalk Trips and Contests: the group will also organize trips and contests to encourage users to upload and document files to commons which will be used in all Wikimedia projects.
  • Cooperation: as Fulfulde Wikimedia UG, it is part of our main goals to cooperate with various organizations (institutions, NGOs & etc.) and government structures in conducting joint projects. The Fulfulde UG thinks cooperating with everyone for the development of Wikimedia projects in Fulfulde is very important.
  • Lectures: at various educational institutes and organizations are an important part of our work, since such events give us the opportunity to familiarize the public with Wikimedia projects and its importance. At such events, we also talk about the importance of free knowledge and its promotion on a free platform under a free license.
  • WikiCamps: are educational camps, the main goal of which is the education of participants through Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Commons and other Wikimedia projects. During WikiCamps young people acquire skills in Wikimedia projects. The main goal of the camp, to attract more young people (and not only) to work in Wikimedia projects.
  • Conference: is annual forum dedicated to the development of Wikimedia projects in Fulfulde, as well as issues related to knowledge creation and dissemination.

Past and recent activities


Selected Photos from Outreach Events and Campaigns


Selected Photos from Wikimania 2022 In person Event


Description of event Project Period Remarks
Wiki Loves Africa 2023:Climate and Weather in North Eastern Nigeria Commons 25 April 2023 Completed
Wikimedia Fulfulde Community Capacity Building and Thematic Weeks Fulfulde Wikipedia 30 April 2023 Completed
Community Members Physical Meetup to Generate 2000 Fulfulde Recorded Words and Lexemes on Commons and Wikidata Wikidata, Commons 27 August 2022 Completed
Fulfulde Wikipedia Articles Cleanup and Edit-a-thon Fulfulde Wikipedia 13 July 2022 Completed
Building of Fulfulde Wikipedia Community and Awareness Campaign in Potiskum Fulfulde Wikipedia 3 March 2022 Completed

Upcoming activities


Following are the activities we will carry out in the next few months:

Description of event Period
Thematic Weeks/Editathons January - February 2024
Wiki Loves Africa 2024 Photo Contest March - April 2024
Wikipedia Articles Cleanup Contests May - June 2024
Wiki Loves Folklore Contest July - August 2024


  1. Musaddam Idriss
  2. Ibrahim442
  3. Aisha Harande
  4. Fatheema Galadeema
  5. Ahmerd Adam
  6. Buba Abubakar
  7. Fa'izah Alhaji Isa
  8. Zainerb
  9. Umar A Usman
  10. Musaks090 (talk)
  11. Ade Bello (talk)
  12. Bello Yusuf Musa (talk)
  13. Zakariya Fika (talk)
  14. Adamu Abdullahi 123 (talk)
  15. Tori bodaf (talk)
  16. Mamman AA
  17. Awwerl
  18. Umar Usman
  19. Meenat268
  20. Bello A Umar
  21. Meenat268
  22. Mujerheed
  23. Aysha Sow
  24. Musa Muhammad Ahmad (talk)
  25. Isa Harande (talk)
  26. Bah Jallou
  27. Ampullo
  28. Serleehu
  29. Meenat Ngari
  30. Serleh
  31. Msaleesu
  32. Sulaymern
  33. Werliy
  34. Maydala
  35. Phartee
  36. Hapsert
  37. Hawwer
  38. Zarerh
  39. Amkoullel
  40. PowerBUL
  41. Sulayman
  42. Oumar
  43. Khadidjatou
  44. Jaurou
  45. Dumbulwa
  46. Asma’u Musa
  47. Dadasare
  48. Salima Modibbo
  49. Fiddausy
  50. Safeenat
  51. Jallori
  52. IBJalo
  53. Ardiido Aliyu
  54. Nabeelat
  55. JameelahB
  56. Sani Oumar
  57. Cheledi
  58. Zaynab05
  59. Haleemat Ibrahim
  60. Nassguy
  61. AuntyAfrah
  62. Mumhaneef
  63. Hammadou Yero
  64. Adamu ab (talk)

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