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Wikimedia Georgia-Türkiye Friendship (Georgian: ვიკიმედია საქართველო - თურქეთის ვიკიმედიის; Turkish: Wikimedia Gürcistan-Türkiye Dostluk Projesi), is a project organized by Wikimedians who are active in Georgian or Turkish Wikimedia community. This project aims to enrich Wikimedia contents about Georgia or Türkiye and strengthen the collaboration between the two communities.

Development process of the project[edit]

The project emerged as a result of both countries being neighbors and the desire of student clubs to cooperate with each other and carry out joint activities. The foundations of the project were laid for the first time on January 30, 2024, when the student clubs of Kurmanbek (Caner) and SabaG23 (Saba) held an online meeting. Later, this idea was presented to other student Wikipedians in Georgia and Türkiye and was appreciated. Thus, the development process of the project began.


  • Correctly increasing content related to Georgia and Türkiye in Wikimedia projects
  • Strengthening the collaboration between two communities (through activities such as student clubs becoming sister clubs and joint studies)
  • Increasing the number of youth participants in both countries


Communication activities within the project will be carried out primarily in Georgian and Turkish Wikipedia, as well as on the Meta-Wiki page and the Telegram group (UCoC rules apply in the Telegram group.)



Date What was done? Reference
January 30, 2024 Istanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club president Kurmanbek and Senaki WikiClub president SabaG23 held an online meeting. [1]


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