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Over 90% of high schools in Ghana do not have Wikipedia articles about their institutions online, a survey has revealed. We plan on helping students and teachers put these schools on Wikipedia via a campaign dubbed About My School Contest. The contest will be open to all high schools nationwide and there will be prizes for participants as incentives.

Our Objectives[edit]

  • To promote the awareness of Wikimedia Foundation's wiki projects especially Wikipedia, as useful yet free educational resources
  • To provide firsthand information about these schools for the public
  • Teach participants how to contribute and edit articles during the campaign
  • Foster user content generation among Ghanaian high school students towards education

The Team[edit]


Probable start date: August. Official launch on [date unscheduled]. End date: [date unscheduled]


The project shall embark on a pilot program for 2 days beginning [date unscheduled] in Koforidua, Eastern Region, engaging a total of 10 public and/or private High Schools.

  • Introduce the About My School Contest to the schools.
  • Run short but in-depth tutorials and/or lectures on how to use Wikipedia and/or other sister project sites will be held at each school - targeting both students and tutors as viable contributors.
  • Reporting: Upon successful completion, the principal will be required to approve/sign documentation confirming that this project has been undertaken in his/her school. Pictures shall also be taken and filed together with the certificates of completion.
  • Upon completion, the team shall assess the outcome of the pilot. Assessment will included the setbacks incurred, the success and other observations
  • The final report will be submitted to our local Ministry of Education, the Wikimedia Foundation and another other interested parties
  • Afterwards, the team shall work on the nationwide project


  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • iPad

Awarding Prizes[edit]

  1. The student Winner of the About My School contest per school basis gets a 3G enabled modem with 5Gig subscribed bundle for 3 months use.
  2. Customized Wikimedia Ghana T-Shirt + Shares his short time experience with Wikipedia in an interview.
  3. Joins students who participated in the contest on a trip to 3 selected Forts/Museums/tourist sites in Ghana.

Funding & Support[edit]

  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikimedia Switzerland(probably)
  • Ministry of Education (maybe)
  • Any other source


There exists a high degree of uncertainty, surrounding the cost and the precise nature that this is a project of high magnitude (countrywide).