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    About the project[edit]

    Wikimedia Ghana UG under this project is continuing its efforts to improve Ghanaian content on the Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and of course Wikipedia, using workshops or edit-a-thons, social media to find pages that need improvement and stationing a Wikimedian in Residence at Impact Hub Accra who will improve an agreed number of articles a week and also be a physical help desk for people who visit the Impact Hub Accra.

    Editathon Locations[edit]

    • Ashanti Region
    • Greater Accra
    • Northern Region
    • Edit suggestions via online & social media platforms

    Online efforts[edit]

    Edit suggestions will also be posted on the Wikimedia Ghana User Group mailing list and Whatsapp group (as done in the past) to allow the group members edit online collaboratively as and when needed. Information need not wait till the next edit-a-thon to be improved where urgent.

    How to participate[edit]

    Offline Events[edit]

    Offline events will be communicated on the group's mailing list and Whatsapp group. Join can attend any you want. To track our progress for offline events we will continue to use the Wikimedia Outreach Dashboard.

    Online Events[edit]

    Edit suggestions will be posted on the group's mailing list and Whatsapp group. Please take them up.

    To track how well we are doing online as a group in improving Ghanaian topics:

    – Please add the hashtag #KnowGapProject to your edit summaries when editing Wikipedia articles

    – Also add Knowledge Gap Project category to your article. Your article will appear here.

    – Where it's an upload of photos on Wikimedia Commons, please add Knowledge Gap Project to your upload. It will appear here.