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En diciembre de 2012, la asociación contaba con 471 miembros. El presupuesto de 2012 comprendió alrededor de 100 mil euros, obtenidos de donaciones y patrocinios.

What has been done so far (most links in Italian, sorry)
  • we participate round-the-year in local and national events and fairs, seminars, lectures in classrooms, etc. for promoting WMF projects in Italy [1]
  • we support and collaborate in nationwide petitions and campaigns [2]
  • we organized some online and offline initiatives [3] (Wiki@home (inglés), WikiAfrica, BWM, Biblioteca, Musica)
  • 3rd part publishers released a DVD-version of it:wp (more than 20,000 copies sold) and a handbook about Wikipedia and the Wikis
  • we have obtained the status of "associazione di promozione sociale" (social promotion association, a "charity" status in Italy); this grants tax deductibility on donations for the donors and other facilitations: we have also joined the WMF 2009 fundraising and 2010 "cinque per mille" campaign (sort of en:Eight per thousand for charities)
  • we have an office in Milan.
Best successes
Peores dolores de cabeza
  • Los dominios «***.it» no relacionados.
  • Algunas quejas legales sobre el contenido de algunos artículos en Wikipedia (principalmente biografías de políticos), recibidas a través de OTRS ya que WMI no es el contacto apropiado (excepto el último (inglés)).