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This page is an attempt to provide an up-to-date overview over online/offline activities of Japanese-speaking Wikimedia projects and Japan-based Wikimedians.


(2012-05) Wikipedia student club rejected
The Japanese Wikipedia student club was proposed by ip user. But the proposal was rejected by some registered users. They said that
  1. it is not fair to specialize students
  2. it is no mean for writing to gather anonymous students.
After the proposal, he was blocked because of sock puppetry (LTA). See ja:Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/学生利用者の会の発足について.
(2012-07) GojomepediA?
The Government of Gojome Town in Akita Prefecture launched writing about peoples from the Gojome Town with administrative user:Bellcricket. See ja:special:contributions/Bell gjm or ja:Wikipedia:お知らせ/過去ログ/2012年06月#秋田県五城目町におけるウィキペディアでの記事執筆について.
(2012-07) Applied Mechanics Wikipedia Forum 2 [1]
The Japan Society of Civil Engineers [2] held the 2nd Wikipedia Forum of Applied Mechanics at the University of Tokyo on 13:00 - 17:00 July 26, 2012 (JST). See ja:Wikipedia:オフラインミーティング/東京/第2回応用力学ウィキペディアフォーラム.
(2012-09) Ombudsmen admonished not to CU all voters
Some Japanese Wikipedians (CU users included) wanted to CU all voters of an RfA. [3] The Ombudsman Commission taught them about the spirit of the global Privacy Policy, [4] and recommended to remove the voters-rule from the local CU Policy. [5]
(2012-09) Japanese ebook reader "Kobo" released Wikipedia books
Ebook reader "Rakuten-Kobo" released ebooks from some articles of Japanese Wikipedia. [6] Because the kobo's ebooks have many license-related problems, it is being proposed to activate the Book Creator in Japanese Wikipedia project. [7]
(2012-10) User sandbox was imported from English Wikipedia
A guest on Tokyo Meetup said that he had written a draft article on normal name space and the article had been deleted due to sub-stub, so he has never written on Japanese Wikipedia. To solve this problem, we imported user sandbox from English Wikipedia as place for putting your draft article. See ja:MediaWiki:Gadget-mySandbox.js.
(2013-02) Editathon "Wikipedia town Yokohama"[8]facebook group
An editathon was held on the workshops of the International Open Data Day. 2 articles was created [9][10] and 2 articles edited. [11][12]
(2013-05) 2nd "Wikipedia town Yokohama" Editathon[13][1]
The 2nd Yokohama Editathon will be held.
2016-1-19 Achieved 1 million articles
Japanese Wikipedia (ウィキペディア日本語版) achieved 1 million articles. Announcement page is here (Japanese).
2016-1-24 Wikipedia 15 Event Tokyo
A Wikipedia 15 event, "Wikipedia 15 Event Tokyo" was held. 44 participants including 9 Wikimedians were talked each other and deepend friendship. Report page is here (Japanese).
2016-3-5 3 events has held
3 events has held on 3/5/2016.
A Wikipedia Town event "Wikipedia Town Shinmaruko/Musashi-Kosugi" (Kanagawa pref.) has held.
International Opendata Day 2016 in INA Valley (Nagano pref.) has held.
Hushimi Opendatathon (Kyoto pref.) has held. 1 article has created.
2016-3-19 Wikipedia 15 Event Kansai
Wikipedia 15th Anniversary: Let's Contribute Wikipedia! in Kansai was held. 6 articles has created in this event. Report page is here (Japanese).
Open the Museum - In Tokyo Institute of Technology(博物館をひらく-東京工業大学博物館編)has held. 1 article were created, 3 articles were edited, and many photos were uploaded to commons. Detail is here.


(2012-05) Completed to creat the radical index for Kanji (Chinese character)
The last radical was . [14]
(2012-06) Updated the Policy of Administrator
Because the number of active users was decreased. See wikt:ja:Wiktionary・トーク:管理者#信任投票制度の見直し.
(2012-06) Updated the Guideline of Sort Key
When there are two or more sort keys, you must separate the keys with a space without slash, underbar or two bite space. See wikt:ja:WT:VP#DEFAULTSORTの区切りスペースの統一について.






User groups[edit]


(2012-05) An extraordinary general meeting
reporting activity or accounts in 2011 and selecting board members for 2012. See http://kansai.wikimedia.jp/wiki/EVENTS.
(2012-08) Opensource conference 2012 Kansai @ Kyoto
WiKansai presented "Wikimedia 2011-2012: highlights from the Wikimedia movement" at オープンソースカンファレンス2012 (Opensource conference 2012) Kansai@Kyoto on 2012-08-04. [15]

Wikimedians of Hokkaido[edit]

(2012-06) Showing up in the Open Source Conference 2012 Hokkaido
(2012-08) Workshop
On 2012-08-10T19:00/21:00+0900. See http://atnd.org/event/woh01

Wikimedian Society of Tokyo[edit]

(2012-05) Meetup/Tokyo/34
(2012-07) Meetup/Tokyo/35
(2012-09) Open Source Conference 2012 Tokyo/Fall
  • gave a talk on how-tos and basic policies of Wikipedia.
  • held a booth to have informal Q&As with participants, and to distribute PR fliers about Wikipedia/Wikimedia/MediaWiki.
(2013-01; Planned) Wikipedia Birthday Meetup & Party in Tokyo : Tentatively scheduled at January 12 Sat, 2013 (JST)
(2013-02) Wikimedia Conference Japan 2013 was held.



  1. "HamapediA"?