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The following lists are Wikipedia articles or Commons graphics in all languages which are considered badly misleading for information about, or the representation of, LGBT+ people, their rights, history or culture.

The intention of creating lists on meta, is to provide a community focus for examples that unambiguously "bad" quality articles exist and to consider ways this may be tackled, especially for smaller non-English Wikipedia projects where the local community may be hostile to discussing the topics and resistant to accepting good quality alternative sources for encyclopaedic information.

A key systemic problem for Wikipedias is ensuring that the first paragraph and first line are not misleading if quoted by themselves. Both Google and Amazon Alexa search databases rely on the first part of an article lede (lead text) being reusable, meaningful and current usage.

Though articles listed here affect the quality of Wikipedias, this does not indicate the near absence of articles about LGBT+ topics on some Wikipedias. This information deficit also damages public knowledge about LGBT+ history and culture.

Transgender, Non-binary, genderqueer[edit]

  1. ja:性転換症 (transsexualism) lede focuses on etymology and how the word was used as a sexual perversion in 1949, rather than starting with a current relevant definition. 26 June 2020
  2. tl:Transeksuwalismo The article promotes the idea that transsexuals always have gender dysphoria and it is a medical illness. Sources quoted are mostly 20 years old and quotes 30 year old medical sources as current fact. Also linked via template is tl:Genderqueer which is an uncategorized stub that reads as an essay. 26 June 2020
  3. uk:Транссексуальність (transsexuality) a stub that relies on a 30 year old source to state transwomen are 0.0001% of the population. 26 June 2020
  4. yi:טרענסעקסואליזם (transsexualism) stub that claims this is a medical diagnosis, no sources, uncategorized. 26 June 2020


  1. pl:Uwiedzenie homoseksualne (homosexual seduction) This fairly long article promotes the idea that homosexuality is created by seduction of children, conflating paedophilia with homosexuality. This appears to be reliant on one untranslated Polish book ISBN 9788301186173. The article is presented as a for/against format, like this is an ongoing scientific debate. 26 June 2020