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Wikimedia Language Diversity

A project to support indigenous, minority, marginalized, less-resourced and other underrepresented
language communities to have access to their at-risk knowledge

Key resources

A visually attractive Main Page of any language's Wikipedia can be achieved by using high quality multimedia, as well as their dynamic renewal. Multimedia of the Day-category images selected by the eponymous project @ Wikimedia Commons are a wonderful content to show-case.

Existing projects[edit]

Created in the framework of the project[edit]

To be created[edit]


To have a dynamic Multimedia-of-the-day rotation system, each language section of Wikipedia should have:

  1. analogue of vep:Template:Päivän multimedia and its sub-templates (pages)
  2. analogue of vep:Vikipedii:Päivän multimedia (project page bringing together many templates)
  3. Motd-template (or alternative picture renewal mechanism) added to its Main Page
  4. volunteer(s) adding image subtemplates, and whenever possible, translating the image label into the local language


  1. vep:Template:Motd/Month
    1. vep:Template:Motd/CurrentMonth
    2. vep:Template:Motd/NextMonth
  2. vep:Template:Motd/Months
    1. ...
    2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-04
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05
      2. ...
  3. vep:Template:Motd/Day
    1. Motd image sub-templates for specific days
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-01
      2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-02
      3. ...
    2. Motd labels for specific images
      1. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-01 (vep)
      2. vep:Template:Motd/2018-05-02 (vep)
    3. ...


Attention!: The code syntax to have an automatically updating link to the current day image label in English and in Russian differs due to their location sites and the number of digits for the CURRENTDAY code (Wikimedia Commons always uses 2 digits, i.e. -08).

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